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How to Clean an Air Conditioning

Cleaning an outdoor air conditioning unit is important to keeping it running properly. You should clean the air conditioner on days when the temperature is above around sixty or seventy degrees so you can test to see if the a/c is working after you clean it. The most important part of an air conditioning system you need to clean is the condenser. With central air systems, the conditioner is usually found outside next to the house. The condenser has two copper tubes that run from the house to it, but don't look for the copper color as one of the tubes will be insulated and the other is most likely painted.

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When cleaning the condenser you should really concentrate on cleaning the condenser fins. The fins are the thin metal screens that cover the unit. Because they are exposed to the outdoor elements, the blades get very dirty. Air is pulled through the blades and into the condenser so keeping the blades clean is key to not over working the air conditioning unit. You'll find grass, leaves, dirt and dandelions stuck in the condenser, and clearing these items will help keep you house cooler, and elongate the life span of your machine.

To begin cleaning the machine, turn off the power for the unit. The electrical shutoff should be nearby the machine or in a switch or fuse box. Next, use a vacuum with the brush attachment to clean the blades of debris. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you will bend thin blades. Some air conditioning units have covers on them to protect the blades. If this is the case for your air conditioning unit, remove the box before vacuuming the cooling unit. If you find blades that have been bent or damaged, repair them right away so that larger debris doesn't begin clogging the condenser.

Kits for repairing A/C blades can be found at your local hardware store. When the blades are sufficiently clean, unscrew the fan so you are able to get into the interior portion of the condenser. Use a hose with light water pressure to clean the fins by spraying water fro the inside of the unit out. Finally, while reassembling your air conditioning unit, make sure that all moving parts are well lubricated with electric motor oil. Don't use all-purpose lubricating oils because they can damage the bearings in a short amount of time. Older air conditioning units are sometimes fitted with belt compressors, if this is the case for you, make sure to lubricate this portion of your cooling unit as well.

Cleaning your air conditioning unit once a season is important. You'll extend the life of your unit, keep your home at a more comfortable, temperature and save on energy bills.


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