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Four Ways to Make Business Websites More User-Friendly

Gone are the days when organizations simply utilized sites to share information and promote their products. Now, businesses use websites to provide ultimate customer experience and increase traffic conversion in the process. In order to give your customers the best experience, you need to make your site as engaging as possible.

Maybe the most significant part of that experience is speed - nobody needs to take a page that takes five minutes to load, even if it's beautifully designed. Sometimes, the structural design of the website decides the loading speed of the website.

Before you make a few arrangements in the coding of your website, though, you should initially test its speed to know what needs to be changed. Pingdom is a great tool to check how quick the loading time of your website is, and programs like Bitcatcha let you monitor your web hosting performance. There are even a few programs that pinpoint which parts of your website are slowing things down.

Basically, the speed of a website can be attributed to coding, server and storage space of the code.

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Now that we know more about speeding up a website, let’s look into three simple steps that will enable you to make your site quicker and simpler to utilize:

1. Simple, functional design

Right now, there is a tendency for websites to use simple imagery with small text because it attracts people. Also, most modern websites keep other information only on one webpage (in other words, the website will not be redirected from one page to another). Javascript is usually used to get this feature. The good thing about doing so is that it engages your user and also reduces the loading time.

2. Compress your code

Another approach to help speed up your website is to compress your codes. You can do this by downloading zipping software such as Gzip to mash all your files together to reduce HTTP responses that your coding needs to do. With more HTTP response to the server, the website will be slow because it fills the server with more traffic. Reducing traffic increases website speed.

A large number of HTTP responses to the server slows down the website because the website traffic is high. Lessening the traffic speeds up the website as a whole.

3. Use the (CDN) Content Delivery Network to enable content caching

A CDN is a tool that can store your website's data and detonate various servers worldwide. For example, if you live in California and you have some viewers from Asia and Europe, then CDN will cache all your website data and divide them into Asia and Europe servers to enhance your user experience.By doing this, your visitors in Europe and Asia won’t have to request access from the main US server in order to access the site as this adds to the loading time. A good CDN is said to increase site speed by 50 percent and reduce bandwidth by 70 percent.

4. Make it easy on users

Here are a few basics:

Lessen the number of fields in the forms. If you need your users to sign up to your website, you need to make things simple for them. One of the best ways to do that is to lessen the fields in your forms. Ensure your Google PPC ad is consistent with the content of the website. If your content isn’t the same as what your ad tells it to be, your website won't make a good effect on visitors. Always check the consistency before posting.

Use microcopy, the fine print that adds to your main copy. For example, if you have a call to action that says "Contact us now", then you can place a microcopy under the call to action saying, "We make sure to classify all our subscriber’s information classified."

Those are a few hints to utilize when trying to enhance the UX of the website visitor. Staying ahead of competitors is all about user experience because there are such a large number of different sites out there for potential customers to see. You have to stand by giving customers the flexibility and ease they want.

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