Raina Sethi

Who will take Humans to Mars: SPACE X or NASA

The question here is who will help occupy Mars, SPACE X or NASA? It could rather be a joint effort of work than a competition. The missions to Mars began with NASA sending their astronauts since 1999. So, it is a fact that the only competitor of SPACE X is NASA who is already on MARS. If you compare both statistically and with reasoning, SPACE X is ahead in this venture if you consider” Man on Mars”. Their technological advancements are nothing like the others because of the far-sighted vision but on the other- hand NASA has worked on Mars for a long time with its extensive capabilities. Both NASA and SPACE X is working on the same goal so do you think they are competitors?

Space X stands efficient and effective in making low cost and faster hardware that will reach Mars. Their improvement in technology has taken them far ahead of NASA and the others. Elon Musk plans transportation by space vehicles are heavy with engineering and faster to travel. Musk’s vision is to create a human colony on Mars with the next forty to hundred years. The only motive and goal of Musk are to make Human life sustain on the Red plans.

NASA has been in the business for a longer time than SPACE X, and they have been constant at working on Mars. NASA plans differently to send Humans (learn more) in and around 2030. NASA is responsible for high levels of work and significant funding and is the first to initiate the missions to Mars. When it comes to study and research, we know how it is possible the NASA way. They are the old boys in the scene. Over the years, they have initiated missions like the Mars one and sending objects and satellites such as – Curiosity, Beagle 2, Maven, ExoMars Trace gas orbiter.

It becomes really hard to judge SPACE X and NASA as a competitor to colonize the red planet because both have advancements which are not enough if you single them out. The possibility of Life sustenance still holds a big question mark and to work out greater plans for humans to get there, we need a more significant line of work and to make it possible if both NASA and SPACE X have to work together to achieve this goal. It depends on how you look at it.

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