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From SEO's Perspective Why Choose Wordpress For Your Business Website?

Wordpress is a well-known, robust and versatile CMS platform available in the marketplace today. Initially used as a basic blog site, the platform is now being used to drive potential customers to their e-commerce business. Besides, the SEO friendly URL structure makes it easy for us to understand why WordPress development is so popular among webmasters and marketers.

The CMS platform, Wordpress has been designed keeping the Google algorithms in mind which means the domain can be easily get indexed by Google. Due to which things get pretty easy for SEO experts to work within the framework to get their client’s website ranked high with just a little nudge in the right direction. Studies reveal that around 25% if the top 10 million websites including Search Engine Land, Time, Marketing Land and Loads more.

Do you know what is really so special about the platform? It allows a WordPress developer to effortlessly design any kind of website without much hassle; even if he is not skilled and experienced in the subject of creating a website. Though there are several other features of WordPress but one that stands out is it being SEO friendly.

Key benefits of WordPress from SEO perspective

Adding content to website is easy

Wordpress allows the website owner to add, edit, and manage content on the web page pretty easily. Like I said before, you don’t need to possess a technical or web development background to manage content on the CMS. The moment your e-commerce site gets live, you can easily manage-publish all the content on the website which is great when it comes to conducting a successful SEO campaign.

Open source & highly customizable

Wordpress is open source platform meaning that you don’t have to pay any ongoing license fees. Just download it for absolutely free and use without much hassle. Moreover, the platform can be easily customized by seeking help from a WordPress development company offering highly customizable themes with less loading speed making them compatible for a better rank in SEO.

Create Categories

Categories are created to arrange content in an appropriate manner in your e-commerce site. By creating categories, a visitor can find any article or product easily. The feature enables the user to choose a product on the basis of numerous categories like price, type, color and so more. Search engines like Google like it when website information is well organized and this also helps in the quick indexing of the site.

Make sure that you use keywords popularly searched by your target audience to make the process of getting discovered simpler.

Premalink Customization

Permalinks can be defined as the way your URL’s look and display to users. The permanent URL’s for your web pages, posts, categories and tag archives. Wordpress enables you to customize your URL premalinks for each of your posts and pages adding a clear description of your page’s content as well as any relevant keywords which eventually makes your URL structure SEO friendly.

RSS feeds

Another important feature from the SEO perspective is that the CMS has built-in RSS feeds. Which means a WordPress developer can easily feed their content across World Wide Web which will help you spread the word but also give a link back to your website. For example, when the site gets published, it automatically gets syndicated to other feeds which will help your SEO and increase your audience/readership. Thus, WordPress turns out to be a great CMS choice, especially from SEO perspective.

Installation of Google Sitemaps

A website is benefited from Google sitemaps in numerous ways. Plus, it helps the visitors to see an outline of exactly what they will come across your site. It may quite interest you to know that Sitemaps allow you place web pages under categories among which pages carrying important content will be crawled and indexed faster than those which have less priority. Installing Google Sitemaps is highly recommended by several Wordpress development companies especially for new e-commerce sites that allow them to be discovered fast.


Apart from all these pointers, WordPress development comprises of a library of thousands of plugins which will end up giving your site additional functionality and helps both webmasters and end users with the website.

So this is it for now! Keep watching the space to know more about Wordpress development at eTatvaSoft.

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