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Diamond & Gemstone Engagement Rings for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day dates back to 270 CE. The then ruler of the Roman world, Emperor Claudius Gothicus, said that soldiers not in a relationship or married could fight better than those with girlfriends or wives back home. Therefore, he banned marriage. A kind priest, St. Valentine, began marrying Christian couples secretly. When caught, he was imprisoned.

Although he wasn't executed right away, he was condemned to death after he tried to convert the Emperor. He signed a note as "from your Valentine" and left it before his execution. Soon the day started being celebrated as Valentine's Day to remember the sacrifice of the patron saint of lovers.

This day is always perfect for a romantic proposal. If you are ready to commit to your relationship this Valentine's Day, you’ll need a stunning diamond or gemstone engagement ring. Here are some exquisite designs and proposal ideas to inspire you.

Revisit a Precious Past Moment with a Three-Stone Ring

There must be loads of special moments in your relationship. Think about an unforgettable one and bring it to life to revive all the romance and laughter captured at that moment. It might be that café table of your first date or the park where you first kissed her or said the three valuable words.

Revisit it with her. Then amaze her with an opal and white sapphire three-stone engagement ring for women in sterling silver. The three stones celebrate the past and connect it with the present and future of your bond. The ring can make the proposal much more meaningful and win an ecstatic "Yes"! Besides, the opal would enrich your relationship with trust, fidelity, good luck, and hope. This ring would also be ideal if she prefers gemstone jewelry to diamond jewelry.

Try a Royal Proposal with a Cinderella Ring

Treat your bride-to-be like the princess that she is and plan a royal destination proposal. Then, be her Prince Charming, drop on one knee, and pop the exciting question with a Disney white gold Cinderella diamond engagement ring. You could also choose a jaw-dropping site like a waterfall, a sunlit beach, or a sailboat adorned with fairy lights after sundown. With any of these ideas, she will feel like royalty.

Center it Around Hearts with a Heart Ring

Send your loved one on a scavenger hunt for cherished objects at one of your favorite haunts. It can end with a heart-shaped locked box with a key beside it. Once your partner opens it, a diamond heart-shaped engagement ring in rose gold over sterling silver will be revealed. Won't that be adorable? You can also try other props like a book of love poems with a heart outline cut out in the center to hold the ring. Else add to the excitement by hiding the ring in a box of cute puffed hearts.

Say it with Roses with a Belle Rose Ring

The "roses everywhere" proposal on Valentine's Day is classic. If she is a fan of timeless fairytales, go for such a proposal. You can book a hotel room where a trail of rose petals will lead to a bed of roses. Hide an Enchanted Disney rose gold and white gold diamond engagement ring for your woman there.

You can also blend in the scene from The Notebook by sprinkling some rose petals around your house. After your loved woman follows the trail of petals, she'll find you waiting for her with the ring, while your song plays in the background and your friends are ready to shout surprise from behind the counter.

Love Large with a Giant Men's Ring Amid a Large Audience

Why can’t women surprise their special men too on the big day? For some grand arrangements, consider gathering a large audience. Conspire with a local theater owner in advance. On February 14, display your proposal on the large movie screen, which works well for movie fans. Stand with him at the center of the hall and slip a diamond men's engagement ring in yellow gold over sterling silver onto his finger.

If he prefers to be indoors, keep it private. Blindfold him and take him to the terrace decorated with lights for a private movie night. Wait for his favorite moment in the movie to pop the question

Make sure to shop for an engagement ring at an online store that offers both gemstone and diamond jewelry to broaden your options. See if you can explore diverse ring designs and price tags to fit your specific budget. Look for custom options to choose a ring in the favorite gemstone and metal of your beloved. Finally, check out attractive Valentine's Day offers, free shipping, and free returns to get value for money.

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