Shaheen Shaikh

Why Plagiarism Checking Software is Important for Schools

Did you know, the first case of plagiarism is over 2,000 years old? While this act might be almost as old as civilization, it has never been as prevalent as it has been since the advent of the internet. Before the internet, plagiarism was hard work. One had to go to libraries, go through numerous books and manuscripts, and then retype or write down everything manually. By the time you were done with it, it had taken so much effort that is did no longer beneficial.

But the internet changed everything! Now one can simple copy content from a webpage in an instant and just paste it on their own document. In fact a Pew Research Poll on education revealed that among the people who have witnessed an increase in plagiarism, 89% believe that the internet and computers have played a vital role in it. The worst affected from this spike in content theft appear to be schools and universities. This is why a good School plagiarism checker is a must.

How Schools Can Stop Plagiarism

The first step in stopping plagiarism is awareness. It is important to inform students about what counts as plagiarism. At the beginning of the semester, give students a clear definition of what plagiarism is and why it is morally and ethically wrong. Also, let them know of the repercussions it can have on their academic and future career. Inform them how it could impact their grades or lead to suspension or even expulsion.

But this alone cannot stop it. If students feel they cannot get caught, they will continue to take the easier route to complete assignments and projects. However, with billions of pages of information on the internet, checking for plagiarism manually is almost impossible! That is why schools need to use efficient plagiarism checking software.

Benefit of Plagiarism Checker for Schools

Some of the key benefits of a plagiarism checker for schools are:

1. Extensive Checking Abilities

The best plagiarism checkers can check against trillions of pages on the internet. This includes archived pages, journals, password protected sites, and even website that are not accessible to the general public. They can even check for plagiarism in other languages. These tools make use of advanced algorithms that use artificial intelligence and machine learning for this. These tools can even detect paraphrased or similar content.

2. Save the Reputation of the School

Plagiarism can tarnish not only the reputation of the student, but the school as well. If a third party detects plagiarism, the school and teachers can be blamed for it. Plus, the author of the original content can also file a lawsuit. This can lead to expensive court proceedings and even penalties.

3. Makes Checking Plagiarism Simple

If you are using a high quality plagiarism detector, then the process becomes extremely simple. These checkers allow you to detect plagiarism in multiple documents at once. With this, articles of the entire class can be checked in one go! Plus, the teachers can check documents in any format, including pdf, doc, html, and txt. If the teacher wants to scan physical documents, that is possible too. Certain plagiarism checkers can even be integrated the school’s LMS.

Apart from these, plagiarism checkers also help in improving the learning experience at school. Some students do not know how to credit the source properly or how to use quotation marks. These mistakes can be corrected in case their work gets detected by a plagiarism tool.

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