Robert Brown

Need for the Preservation of the Tree

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem and extremely important for the survival of living beings on the planet earth. It is completely difficult to imagine our environment without trees. The right balance in the atmosphere is maintained with the help of trees as they consume harmful gases from the environment and supply fresh air to breathe for all living forms. Trees don’t just provide shade to humans but are also homes for many birds flying in the air.

There are many campaigns carried out by many organizations to avoid cutting of trees. Not only this, they also inspire every person to plant one tree in one’s life. Although it is compulsory for every state or region to have a certain area of greenery in the form of trees, people are cutting trees for their personal benefits. Here we have mentioned all the important reasons for the preservation of trees in the environment:

Fights Global Climate Change - Accroding to fresh air of trees is good for kids. Trees grow with the help of sunlight by undergoing the process of photosynthesis. During this process, carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere by trees and carbon is stored in the wood. This is a wonderful method to remove the excess carbon out of the environment as it sucks the carbon dioxide to store carbon in it. In this way, we can avoid the global climate change. The effect of trees to reduce the quantity of carbon is more when trees are small and slow when they age.

Lowers Stress Level - Trees are also beneficial in reducing the stress level. It has been found in the studies that walking under stress can relieve a person of chronic stress and calm him down. Well, it has also been proven by studies that spending time with nature helps a person to calm down and changes his mood to good. Doctors also recommend people suffering from depression, anxiety or stress to spend some time sitting or walking under trees. Also, trees provide many medicines which are beneficial to our health. Not only this, trees provide food, fruits, and herbs which we use in our daily life.

Increases Biodiversity - Trees help to increase biodiversity by creating shady, microclimate essential for life. Also, it creates the rich healthy nitrogen-rich soil which is healthy full of microorganisms. Trees also prevent the erosion of soil and provide food, nectar, foliage, and sap essential for insects, birds, bats and all wildlife. Without trees, it is not possible for humans to exist as trees provide an environment for bees to pollinate which is crucial for maintaining the food chain. If there are no bees, then it would become difficult for everyone to get good food and hence the immune system of humans would become weak.

Store and Purify Water - Trees absorb the pollutants and fertilizers present in the water in their leaves as well as roots. Hence, the fertilizers are stored and the harmful fertilizers are prevented from getting released into the water. Also, trees contain bacteria which transfer harmful nitrates into nitrogen gas, which is released into the air through the process of denitrification.

So, these are the popular benefits of trees for living beings as well as the environment. There are many old trees such as Methuselah which are many thousands of years old and are still there and enjoy worldwide popularity. We should conserve trees and help to protect our environment.

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