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4 Myths about Smart devices | Busted by Robojap Technologies

Undoubtedly, smart devices are the foundation of future homes. And, it is one of many developments, which is there to stay!

However, this domain is quite new and thus, it's easy to build and believe in any misconception that points toward the existence of the smart gadget.

For those, who don't know or are newbie to such automated home devices, Robojap Technologies hereby-presents the facts so; you can know the truth and accordingly form an opinion!

Myth 1: Anyone can access your Smart Gadget online without permission

Smart devices being IoT, the Internet of Things run on a network, whose data is getting stored on cloud. And, hackers can easily seep into your home through these devices via cloud network.

Reality: Undoubtedly, AI gadgets are vulnerable to online attacks. However, Robojap services found that these devices need a secure network and device to run. Simply put, the login credentials of the smart gadget should only lay with you and your closer ones. So that- nothing can get into your device and play with its data!

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Myth 2: Smart devices spy on you

Smart devices like TV or Amazon Echo record person’s activities and might transfer them to manufacturing company.

Reality: According to Robojap research, smart devices cannot obsolete your privacy because the technology to learn and record things is not too long ago. And, the devices like Smart TV only record data, so it can form relating suggestions for you in future for better and faster experience.

In case, you don't want the data to be recorded, Robojap technologies recommend changing the smart device settings. For better and secure environment, Robojap suggests practicing smart security.

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Myth 3: AI Devices are not easy to Setup and Use

From smart device installation to access, you need to be technically good with the things otherwise, the gadget will be nothing more than a decorative material at your home. Or, in worst scenario, you may end up damaging its hardware.

Reality: Robojap analysis says, “You need not be a tech geek to setup or fix your Smart device.” In fact, you simply need to understand and follow the manual instructions of newly bought smart device. If you can do that- Good!

Myth 4: Smart gadgets are not durable

Every machine including AI gadgets has certain life. After which, all of them gets incompatible to current running software!

Reality: Robojap surveyed and found that most of the smart devices from manufacturers like Google, Amazon, Philips, Nest, Ecobee, Samsung, and Belkin provide the details relating durability with tips to maintain.

For instance, after testing Echo Dot- Robojap found that the product will never lose its significance as long you keep upgrading it with latest official updates available.

For more, Robojap LLC research also says that the updates are prepared by keeping in mind, the earlier loopholes that need fix, intruders that need to be confined from breaking system security, and latest feature that can make the smart device SMARTER!

Robojap review: Although smart technology is at a stage, where people don't trust it completely but adoption is still on the rise and we need to be logical, too!

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