Sport Parents Guide: Way to Have a Great Athlete in 2019

We all want the best for our own kids, but isn't it odd that we are the hardest on those who we love the most? We are hardest on them because we also have the highest of expectations for them.

None of us start out thinking, "I wonder how I can mess up my own kid."

I couldn't dream of anyone of us saying, "How do I place more importance on their sport than our own relationship?"

For most of us, our goal has been clear: We want our children to be happy, well-adjusted and successful, and for them to lead productive roles in society and make it a better place.

When our children were born, the clock grew legs. We turned around, and they were all grown up (almost). That meant we needed to get serious about the business of shaping our kids and preparing them for their lives.

The only problem is that there was no healthy road-map about raising a great athlete. Most likely, we just followed what the best athlete in the area did, and listened to the club coach, without actually trying to figure out our own best path.

The expectations increased over time.

Parents, we need to be their greatest supportive coach. It is our job to be the coach or sports parents that we always wanted. Our own actions shape their beliefs.

We are the greatest influence on our children’s lives and in their development, stability, attitudes, likes, and dislikes. Young athletes watch everything we do and learn by modeling behaviors and beliefs about ourselves. Everything a parent does either reinforces a child’s confidence or discredits their self-esteem.

We shape their identities. Let’s do it right.

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