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What categories do boots have, and what is best for you?

There are many types of boots, each fitting in its own category. Here are the main categories of boots:

1. Sport Boots

Sport boots are designed to maximize the performance of an athlete in their sport. They are often flexible, lightweight and comfortable such that an athlete will find it easier to play their sport. They are also designed to protect an athlete while playing. Boots categorized as sport boots include:

-Football boots

-Cowboy boots

-Hiking boots

-Motocross boots

-Motorcycle boots

-Snowboard boots

-Ski boots

-Racing boots

-Mountaineering boots.

2. Work Boots

Work boots are specially designed to offer workers comfortable footwear that can withstand rough conditions and long days at work while protecting their feet from being hit or injured by objects while working. Work boots include:


-Wellington boots (farmer or rubber boots)

-Hip boots (fishing or waders boots)

-Logger boots

-Safety boots (steel-toe boots)

-Cold weather boots


-Snow boots

-Rigger boots

3. Military Boots

Military boots are designed to push military personnel past their limits regardless of the circumstances or environment. They are designed to protect military personnel from slips, shocks, moisture, injuries and more. These boots also offer support and comfort to military personnel in the course of their duties. Boots categorized as military boots include:

Combat boots- These are boots specially designed for soldiers. Soldiers wear combat boots during combat training or real-world combat. Modern combat boots offer a combination of foot protection, ankle stability and grip suitable for rugged terrain. They are traditionally made of hardened and waterproof leather. Today, most combat boots incorporate technologies that make them specialized for certain conditions and climates such as cold and hot deserts and jungles.

Jackboots- These are heavy laceless boots reaching the calf. They are often used in authoritarian states such as those worn by the Nazis in earlier centuries. They include cavalry jackboots and hobnailed jackboots. Cavalry jackboots are reinforced against sword blows while hobnailed jackboots are specially designed for marching.

Tanker boots- These are boots worn by soldiers who serve on tracked vehicles and tanks in general. They are fastened with leather straps instead of laces to prevent soldiers from being entangled in moving parts of tankers.

Jungle boots- These are combat boots designed for use in jungle warfare or in humid, wet and hot environments.

Jump boots- These are calf-length footgear used by the airborne forces and paratroopers.

4. Equestrian Boots

These are boots specially designed for horse riding. They have a sturdy toe to protect a rider's foot and a distict heel that prevents the foot from sliding through the stirrup's thread. The sole is lightly textured or smooth to avoid being caught on the stirrup's tread in case of a fall. Equestrian boots include:

-Cowboy boots

-Hunt boots

-Riding boots

-Dress boots

-Paddock boots

-Field boots

5. Style

Boots are also categorized in terms of style. The style depends on the occasion, outfit, trend and weather. Boots categorized in terms of style include:

-Fashion boots

-Dress boots

-Chelsea boots

-Russian boots

-Chukka boots


-Go-go boots

Boots may also fit in categories that depend on their brand names and forms. They are all designed for specific purposes and the type you choose will depend on the intended use.

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