The Myths and Truths about Cloud Accounting Software

More and more companies are using accounting pos(point of sale) to manage their daily accounting activities. Reduction of time and money is One of its biggest advantages of this free pos and you can take full advantage of cloud storage capacity.

Earlier managing the accounting of a company was a very complicated task and reserved only for specialists in the area. But now, thanks to cloud accounting POS System, this is no longer a problem.

The growing use of this tool around the globe demonstrate that how digital platforms are making life easier for people and businesses for multiple reasons: Being modern applications, they are intuitive and easy to use, taking them out of the domain of “specialists” so they can also be used by entrepreneurs and operators of a company. They are easy and powerful, allowing you to streamline the processes of a company in the cloud, they allow you to know information always at hand and due to environmentally friendly they reduce the paper use (which also reduces costs).

There is a lot of information available on this topic and today I want to dedicate a few lines to make clear the myths and truths if you are using various POS like Salon POS, Gym POS…

Myths of modern accounting POS

For its implementation a large amount of investment required. There are multiple options in the market that operate under a “monthly lease” model of a cloud accounting POS service. The different suppliers have products that adapt to the needs of each company and the costs are really low.

This tool is not useful for small and medium businesses. On the contrary, it is very valuable for such companies. All businesses require proper management of their accounting, regardless of their size or vertical business. Cloud accounting software works very well for small businesses that don't have large structures or specialized departments because it doesn't require specialized infrastructure or people to keep the tool in operation (just an internet connection and you're done!).

It can only be used by counters. Modern tools are very easy to use and only need a user to enter sales or invoices for their business. Being “smart” the tool itself is responsible for performing accounting entries and other “technical” tasks of finance to generate financial reports and statements. Of course, by law, every company requires a duly certified accountant to audit their books, but these tools also make life easier for your accountant.

Truths about cloud accounting POS

Many advantages are associated with the use of modern accounting software in the cloud, for example:

Cloud accounting applications provided by the Leading companies are fully compatible with e-invoicing (in other words, the accounting software that they are providing in the cloud includes e-invoicing). This helps the reduction of operational, financial and logistical costs.

it helps you to get secure information in real time. This is the basic input to know the financial condition of the business, as well as helps to make sound decisions and avoid economic and tax sanctions. Cloud platforms operate with security and data backup standards that are very practical.

Frequent transactions can be automated. The system saves customer data and generates the invoice. The same thing applies to payments or contributions that must be made regularly.

You can operate all the functionalities of a business not only the accounting. These tools go far beyond accounting... They allow you to manage inventories, portfolio, e-invoicing and hundreds of management reports in a single system integrated with the cloud.

It is highly flexible for the needs of each company. While cloud accounting software platforms are standard, they have dozens of parameters that each company can configure according to its process (for example- handles minimum or maximums in inventories, management of negative inventory, specific handling of accounting PUC, etc.)

It is a scalable tool which can adapt to the requirements of the company when its volume of transactions grows. Most suppliers offer plans that start with small and economical and anybody can incorporate the number of users or transactions according to the growth of the company.

It allows you to generate reports. Beyond storing information, it is important that you should use it to measure the behavior of business variables and consequently that helps you to make profitable decisions. The robust tools of the market incorporate with dozens of parameterizable reports that always updated in real time.

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