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How To Accelerate Your Mobile App Development Process

Mobile app development is a difficult and time-consuming process. Mobile app development process needs appropriate synchronization between the app design, development and QA team along with the appropriate distribution of work among them. According to the Statista "In 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising".

Moving forward, businesses will require mobile apps if they need to get status in the market. Be it any industry: medical or banking and finance, logistics, travel, retail, media, and entertainment, mobile apps are becoming the hub. Whereas people want availability and active services, mobile app development companies and business associations require a fast mobile app development process so that the apps are originated also before the client thinks of one.

Mobile app development companies in India have been recognizing deep down to find solutions and methods that can improve the speed of mobile app development and produce top-quality applications in the least time. Mobile app development companies are being encouraged to emphasize faster to use the primary version of the apps as direct as a potential for businesses to better their rivals and become the ideal of consumers.

In fact, time estimates are the actual bottlenecks for several startups, brands, and enterprises, which make them select the best mobile app development company over the other. Also, the most reliable and disciplined app development company is making sincere attempts to discover the best approach that can accelerate your mobile app development process.

Below are some amazing ways to accelerate your mobile app development process, without influencing the quality of functionality or code of your app:


Make a blueprint i.e. wireframe of the app first. Every client awaits you with a fixed mind; you require to build an app that will show them to what require. If he doesn’t get what is looking, he will definitely leave the app. So for a strong app, get the wireframes/prototype design done equally to the mindset of the audience. Moreover, the method should incorporate routine feedback sequence, testing the user action, etc. for a genuine result.

By rigorously planning app's development approach, you will not stick in the mobile app development process. Also, there will be a clear idea among the team members, who are building the mobile app. Hence the faster deployment will be possible.


Minimal Viable Product is an idea that is very effective in the Mobile app development process. MVP is delivering the app with simple minimal features or the very vital functionality. Pursuing result in a mobile app stops the release. Furthermore, the description of the whole keeps changing in the fast-paced technological experience. You can alternatively make a minimalistic functional app that approaches the user’s core problems and combines the layers to your app on the go. This also assists in arranging real-time feedback for the next relief.

Remember that this theory supports the least essential features and not a minimal application. The feature you publish must be completely useful and complete. Half made features will not solve any of the user’s problems and leave them annoying.

Switch to Agile Development

Agile is a concept similar to that of MVP. Agile are practices and principles where the simple minimum product is delivered initial and the extra features are delivered in stages regularly within two to four weeks. MVP is the initial phase to go agile. Though, agile continues to much more of the project. It includes prioritizing between time, budget and features. The events set after this are manageable and takes real-time review into the emergency. Benefits of Agile method incorporate early record into the market, versatility, more visibility, and real-time testing.

Shorter Release Cycles

One of the key reasons why the majority of the mobile app development process are still stuck with time-consuming development is the longer release cycles. The app development needs the conventional distribution of the number of repetitions, which in change, makes the app seriously overlooked on the app markets. Often delivering every week is the right path towards speed up your mobile app development process. Smaller release cycles start to constant delivery, which makes it a to-and-fro method for the mobile app development teams and the customers to approve of the app’s status till then. For this, the mobile app development company must cover both unit and end-to-end approval tests as this makes the development completely computerized. If not completely deployment, mobile app developers can automate other things like guaranteeing that the accurate databases are used. With shorter release cycles, the possibilities of making mistakes decline.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are web apps that can work easily on any mobile operating system (OS). They save a lot of time as you do not require to write separate code for each OS such an iOS or Android. Unlike native apps, it is not produced for a particular operating system. Hybrid apps are excellent because they are cheaper, faster, and portable. Ensure that your hybrid app has a simple UI just like the native apps.


If you're a beginner in the mobile app market, definitely you should use this mobile app development approach and execute in the development time, making the top-quality app without beating your budget control. You can strategically control the app project development. But don’t ignore every good thing comes with a restriction, and these above-mentioned methods may have their own. So, take time before making a decision in speed. Ask a top-level mobile application developer for a proficient suggestion and work only on those elements of your mobile app that can genuinely succeed in a better, more powerful mobile app development process.

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