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How To Find Free Podcasts Over The Internet?

In our daily lives, it can sometimes become difficult to watch your favorite shows or listen to some important news.

People are busy from morning till evening. And, even in this limited time, we are not able to grasp everything.

That is why many platforms have opened a digital system where people can listen to a collection of audio files. This is known as a podcast. Conversation podcasts are becoming a trend in this modern era. You can listen to your favorite show from any part of the world. It is an effective and convenient way to spread information.

In addition to that, a person can engage in these audio shows on almost any digital device. Whether you have a phone, computer, or smart TV, you can listen to or watch these podcasts without any trouble.

So, while you are working on some simple tasks, you can listen to an informative subject. It is as easy as it seems. All the necessary information is described in the coming paras. This article will further help you to find free podcasts online services.

Introduction to podcasts

A podcast is similar to a radio show where people talk about various topics. The discussion could be related to subjects like business, politics, and technology. However, there is one difference between a podcast and a radio show. It is the availability of offline content. Podcasts are usually stored in recorded audio formats that can be used later. You can even download the podcasts on your devices.

But with new changes, this situation of content is changing. The new podcast system allows people to watch live streams of the entire show. In live-streaming people talk with each other and also interact with the viewers. Such service is being provided on various platforms.

Another important change is that now anyone can stream the podcast on a particular website. Due to this, a large number of people can become influenced by a certain topic.

This is an effective way of spreading information to the masses. Though, some countries restrict the use of such communication techniques because of political reasons.

Apart from this, a podcast is one of the best methods of learning about different aspects of the world. Furthermore, the content is intriguing and covers different scenarios.

A list of free podcasts online services

Google Podcast

The google podcast is a free podcast online service on all Google devices. You can listen to or store audio clips using this platform. If you have an android phone, just download the free podcast application from the play store and listen to a large number of stored podcasts.

Apple Podcast

This is also a default service provided on apple products. It is available on both iPad and iPhone. If the application is not already available on your device, you can download it from the apple store. After that just search and select a podcast. You can also subscribe to your favorite pages within this app.


Another successful site provided by Google is YouTube. It is a free website that allows people to watch or upload conversation podcasts from any part of the world. In this platform, many channels provide a podcast service. The only drawback is that you cannot download these videos on your device. They are only available to be watched on YouTube.

Furthermore, you can also start a podcast stream on your own. It only requires a channel creation with zero investment.

Other free services

Dedicated websites like Anchor, iHeart, VoiceAmerica and Buzzsprout provide free podcasts online. They have several categories of downloadable content. If you want to become a host and host your own radio show, you can contact them anytime.

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