Roberto Blake VS Preston Hudman Arguing on Twitter in The DM On October 4th 2016

@robertoblake and @prestonhudman Argue On Twitter About Buying High Retention Views That Are AdSense Safe and YouTube Begins Cyber Stalking Mr. Hudman.

This is the start of a series or articles that expose what happened to Preston Hudman on YouTube from 2016 to present day. The following is taken from

It all started when Preston Hudman aka Presticlaus at the time made a 30-minute video about buying views that he showed to Roberto Blake on Oct 4 2016. He had just discovered the website called and was exposing the fact that you can buy adsense safe high retention views. What had led him to this site is another story for another time. He had previously been a YouTuber for 5 years without ever buying anything for his channel such as likes or view, but ever since October 4, 2016 YouTube has been tracking him every day because Roberto Blake brought him to their attention...

Preston Hudman has the conversation with Roberto Blake @robertoblake on twitter and threatens to make a Channel called "black screen TV" that involves buying views in order to rank videos that are just silent black screens for 20 minutes. Because all that is needed it the watch time and the content does not matter so even a muted black screen will rank as high as any of his video Preston said. Many times he told Roberto how for not that much money you could simply buy high retention views that last for 90% of their video giving loads of watch time and allowing a person to rank long videos for very little money. This was after Preston had shown Roberto a 30-minute video exposing and high retention views for sale. This was Oct 4, 2016. The conversation between Blake and Hudman can be seen on Hudman's website. Also, note for future reference that the channel known as "bstv" (the one that found the biggest glitch in history called the negative sub glitch), was made the same day that Preston Hudman released an important video and the name was taken from my conversation with Blake and used to taunt Preston since they were being forced to cover up what Preston had discovered in his video. More on that next time.

Preston Hudman has been investigating Google for over 5 years and counting and is easily the worlds leading expert on the subject. Visit to buy services. Here is the video presentation that goes along with this article. It starts you off in the middle of the story so to speak but as more articles are released it will all begin to make sense. Thank you for reading/watching.

Don't bother subscribing to the YouTube channel and instead sub to this one... (69k)

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