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WordPress vs Wix, Which one to Choose for Web Development?

WordPress vs. Wix is tough, both have their merits and demerits and are on the top of their leagues. And the number of websites made through them says the same.

Website builders and CMS software are the shortcuts to make your presence online, thanks to most of them being free and open source. CMS and website builders aim for small business and people who want their personal website or blog. This is why we are here today, to make the comparison of the best of both, WordPress vs. Wix. The medium and large businesses usually don’t go into this, for the matter of fact that both of them have limited capabilities.

The scalability isn’t the issue with website builders, but limited functionalities and lack of personalization are. We all know, there is WordPress as the most popular CMS, which can let you do absolutely anything, but it still bounds you when it comes to functionalities required by large scale business websites. But, considering you fall into the small or personal website category, nothing can be a better fit than Wix as your website builders.

You might think, that being a web development company, we would absolutely favor custom web development, but that certainly isn’t the case with us. We believe in recommending to our customers what’s best. If you don’t require anything complicated, you can easily create a DIY website with both Wix and WordPress.

And if you are transiting from the small to medium scale, we recommend you take professional help. We even serve the industry that involves website builders, and we customize everything separately, just as required by our clients. But due to limited capabilities of Wix as a medium-sized website creator, you will mostly find professionals working on WordPress as their choice for website development.

The time has come for the AI to take over, especially in the web builders’ segment. Most web builders including Wix now offer AI on their platforms, for assistance in website creation. The AI, when we tried, made a mediocre website in most cases, but considerably sped up the process. If you don’t intend to compete, AI is the best bet you can take. Of course, you can turn it off at any point in time, but it’s pretty handy and fast when creating a website.

WordPress doesn’t have this feature yet, and it probably won’t have it any time soon as native. But you guessed it, there are many plugins to develop websites using AI. It may not be as perfect as Wix, but just for the low cost of the plugin, hosting, and domain purchase, and WordPress is free, it is a pretty good deal. We will discuss the main advantage that WordPress holds over Wix in conclusion.

So, here’s an explanation of what WordPress and Wix are.


The most iconic CMS in the entire world. WordPress is probably is the most famous one you come across and on top of that its completely free and open source. Technically, vanilla WordPress isn’t a drag and drop website builder. But you have a plethora of plugins to choose from, for making use of WordPress for the DIY way. We believe, WordPress development is the best choice for both DIY and professional website builders for the backing it has from the community.

You simply won’t find the number of plugins you find with WordPress, anywhere else. The plugins will serve as a major help for building and maintaining your website in the long run. Also, the number of themes available with WordPress is simply enormous. Many of the themes are paid, but when you compare it to the ROI, it won’t even matter. Want to read more about WordPress? Here is our WordPress review.

The most basic pros of WordPress are the wide customizability, and the professional support you will easily find. WordPress offers more than 50000 plugins, and a feature list so wide, you would probably be going wow each time you spot a new feature. The number one problem is, it isn’t so easy to use compared to Wix. You will probably have to hire a professional web development company to make full use of WordPress's potential.


Wix ranks first in usability as a website builder, for its subtle UI/UX to create a website, topped with AI. Wix’s development speed is actually what they claim to be, not that it matters a lot, but it’s still an achievement unlike any other. The features being added to Wix are enormous in usability, let alone the numbers. The community support may lack a bit of strength but that will be rectified as more people move towards Wix.

Wix endures different and complex designs, one of the few who does so. You won’t be able to recognize the website was built from a website with a naked eye unless you count the limited number of pages. And the limited number may seem a bit too less to some, it makes perfect sense to those who are looking forward to a small to medium-sized website.

As you can make out from it, simplicity doesn’t come without compromise. You can only make a limited number of pages with ease using a Wix website builder. The simple get more and more complex if you cross that limit, so Wix is the best, but only for small to medium-sized websites.


WordPress vs. Wix is tough, both have their merits and demerits and are on the top of their leagues. But the number of websites made through WordPress simply outnumbers Wix’s. The fact is that WordPress has been entrusted and around for quite a long time now. Wix is starting to make an impression.

Another important point is that WordPress still has very little competition in its league, unlike Wix. Wix is facing a lot of tough competition from the biggies in the league. In our opinion, if you are just starting, and simply looking for your customers to see you online, choose Wix. However, if you are looking to make an impression, own the technical knowledge, or have a budget to hire a WordPress development company, choose WordPress eyes closed.

The most exquisite advantage of WordPress is that you can always migrate your site, as the host can be changed. In the case of Wix, you will have to abandon the website if you are looking to migrate it or expand it and start afresh.

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