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7 Shocking Senior Center Facts You Probably Didn't Know

According to census data, about 3.1% of all seniors in the United States live in a senior center. With America's elderly population growing at a steady rate, that figure is likely going to expand.

But what does a modern senior center look like? For that matter, what kind of care can our elderly expect from such a place?

We're exploring these questions and more below. Keep reading for seven fascinating facts on senior care, the aging population, and senior centers.

1. The Aging Population Is Experiencing Massive Growth

Forecasts note that America will soon experience a growth in the elderly population like nothing we've seen before.

By 2030, 132 million people will be 50 or older, making the need for senior centers much more significant.

2. Senior Centers and Apartment Complexes Aren't Too Different

Choosing a senior center isn't all that different than choosing an apartment complex.

Future residents can find a wide range of options that best suit their financial situations, lifestyle preferences, and desired location.

If you're considering moving into a senior center, consult a Senior Citizen Center guide for more info on considerations.

3. There's Plenty of Freedom, Too

The old stereotype about seniors spending their days sitting around in near-empty rec rooms isn't true.

From swimming and hiking to gardening, shopping, and playing sports, today's seniors have more options than ever.

4. Start Saving Now

One in three people has less than $5,000 saved up for their retirement. For reference, that's barely enough to cover the entry fees, deposit, and first month's rent at certain centers.

Retirement is fun, but it doesn't come free. Start saving now so you can prepare for your twilight years.

5. A Senior Center Provides All-in-One Service

While living in a senior center isn't exactly cheap, it's ultimately worth it for the service and peace of mind alone.

Most centers provide meals, custodial services, activities, medical supervision, and more.

6. Elderly Abuse is All Too Real

The abuse of seniors is something that's only talked about in hushed tones -- if it's even talked about at all.

The fact remains that there are thousands of cases of elderly abuse each year.

Elderly abuse can include:

• Physical abuse.

• Sexual abuse.

• Emotional abuse.

• Financial abuse.

• Isolation.

Before committing to a senior citizen center, ask about the facility's history of abuse and ask about their documentation process.

7. Few Cases of Elderly Abuse Get Reported

Though elderly abuse is quite the problem, only one in 14 cases of abuse ever gets reported.

If you're the victim of abuse or you suspect someone you know might be, look into your intervention options as soon as possible.

Enjoying Your Twilight Years

A senior center can be a wonderful place to live in.

And, as long as you have the proper finances and know how to protect yourself or a loved one, you or your loved one can enjoy their twilight years surrounded by friends, family, and loving staff.

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