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Two amazing recipe you can try using the West Australian

We all octopus lovers know about the best edible octopus in the whole world is the Fremantle

Octopus, which is known to be the most tasty Octopus worldwide.

Oh yes, you will find Fremantle octopus best in taste, from all sea creatures. You never will taste

anything like it.

This tasty octopus was discovered in 2000 at Western Australian coast. Octopus products are

being used in both Australia and Overseas markets on very large scale. Due to its taste, quality

and fresh color, it is loved by all the seafood lovers. Other reasons of its popularity are high

quality diet, tenderness and its ideal size.

Yeah, it is true! People love fishing, but sometimes you do not have time to do. If you are one of

them then you should not worry, there are many companies which are providing edible Octopus.

You can get your required item at home and can eat it in the restaurant likewise.

Octopus Inspired Recipes

Putting our magnificent product to good use!

If you are thinking about the best one, then you must consider Western Australian Octopus to

eat. These Octopuses have great taste because in Western Australian seas these octopus get their

favorite food like small fish, blue swimmer crabs, Greenlip and Brownlip Abalone and Western

Rock lobster.

How do you look when you get complete diet? Gorgeous right?

Same is the case with the Octopus, just think about the fact that how tasty is it going to be as it

takes complete diet.

You find it unique and different in taste as compared to other types of octopus.

One thing! Most of the Australian chefs like to add Fremantle Octopus to their menus as

essential. You can get raw, steamed and marinated octopus from your favorite place.

You are able to get these octopus from your selected place all around the world and you will

never face any time or place limit to get this.

You can add them in your salads, pasta, stews with potatoes, with fried beans and on taps

menus. From last few years, there are many different dishes has been introduced using

Fremantle Octopus like char sui octopus kebabs, Greek style octopus, octopus terrine, confit and

char grilled octopus.

Nowadays, marinated octopus and pickled octopus are favorite internationally.

There are different recipes of Fremantle Octopus:

1. Marinated Fremantle Octopus:

You never get disappointed, when you try this recipe because this special recipe belongs to a

famous Award-winning chef Julien Royer, who is from Odette, located in the iconic national

Gallery Singapore.

Here is the ingredient list:

 Escabeche marinade

 Octopus 1kg

 salt 8g

 lemon juice 10g

 balsamic white vinegar 100g

 sliced garlic 50g

 sliced shallot 80g

 washed chervil 45g

 washed tarragon 45g

 water 250g

 white wine 250g

For making chive oil use following ingredients:

 blanched chives 300g

 grapeseed oil 500g

Ingredient for Chive Emulsion:

 avocado 75g

 distilled water 1L

 xanthan gum 0.5g

 lemon juice 65ml

 2 hardboiled egg yolks

 20g dijon mustard

Now for Smoked eel broth

 1L distilled water

 smoked eel 250g

 small sliced kombu 25g

 2 white hard boiled eggs

Essential Ingredients for Endive Emulsion

 saffron 0.3g

 lemon juice 90g

 2 yellow endives

 salt 4g

 honey 50g

 zest of 2 lemons

 grapeseed oil 125g

 xanthan gum 0.5g

For onion pickle:

 water 600g

 zest of 1 orange

 red wine vinegar 200g

 honey 400g

 chive oil 160g

 salt 5g

 2 red peeled onion

 2 star anise

 40 coriander seeds

To Serve:

 Pickled onion

 Smoked eel 100g, small dice

 Mustard cress 20g, fine julienne

Here is the method of cooking Escabèche Marinade:

You will enjoy making this if you follow the method, mentioned below:

 First of all you mixed garlic, salt, vinegar and shallot in a pot and dry it over a low flame

then add white wine and bring mixture to a boil for 1 minute before adding water.

 After boiling remove pot from the flame then add lemon zest, chervil and tarragon.

 Leave mixture for 24 hours.

 Now you can move for octopus.

 Take boil water and blanch octopus for 30 seconds then transfer them for ice bath.

 After this, take octopus in vacuum bags with escabeche marinade. Now you should

transfer these bags into the water and cook for 1 hour, then give an ice bath to bags and

marinate the for 24 hours.

 After this remove the head of octopus wrap it and freeze for at least 24 hours. For serving

make thick slices by using a meat slicer.

Chive Oil:

After octopus, now you need to think about chive oil, you should put chive in boiling salt water

for 30 seconds then transfer it, into ice bath.

 Blend chives with grapeseed oil for 7 minutes.

 Use coffee filter and strain it.

Chive emulsion:

 Blend egg yolks.

 Mix blended yolks with lemon juice, avocado xanthon gum salt and Dijon

mustard and blend the mixture.

 Add oil in mixture.

 Strain the mixture and transfer into a condiment bottle.

Smoked eel broth:

 Place Kombu slices in a large pot and cover with distilled water for at least 6

hours in the fridge.

 After 6 hours, strain Kombu.

 In the next step, mix cold Kombu dashi with white egg and eel mixture and

simmer for 20 minutes.

 Remove from heat and strain it.

Endive emulsion:

 Heat up honey and steep saffron for 1 minute.

 Blend yellow endives, lemon juice, lemon zest, xanthan gum, and saffron-honey

mixture with hand blender.

 Pour mixture in the oil and blend it.

For Pickled onion:

 Combine water, red wine vinegar, coriander seeds, orange zest, honey and star

anise in a pot.

 After boiling remove from heat and submerge red onions.

 Marinate for at least 24 hours before use.

Ready to serve! You can place lightly folded octopus's slices in a circular plate. Then put onion

pickle and eel on its top. You can garnish is according to how you like it.

2 nd Recipe

You will leave good cooking impression to your family and friends, after trying this recipe.

Here are the ingredients:


 4 large Fremantle octopus hands

 1/2 chopped anchovy

 pinch dried chill

 pinch salt

 pinch black pepper

 extra virgin olive oil 100ml

 1 lemon

 flake salt

Essentials for Salad:

 extra virgin olive oil

 1 large royal blue potato

 1 tsp white wine vinegar

 1 punnet rainbow cherry tomatoes

Ingredients for Red Sauce:

 1 chili, chopped

 1 clove garlic

 200ml tomato puree

For Garnish:

 Nasturtium leaves

 ½ cup vegetable oil

 3 anchovy fillets

 100g rinsed capers, drained well

 oxalis or woodland sorrel leaves

 bronze fennel fronds

 150g cheeks of mixed local olives


 Cut octopus legs into individual tentacles and run under cold water for 5 minutes.

 Then dry it by using towel.

 Cook the legs at 85°C for 3 hours.

 For 1 hour, plunge bag into ice.

 Remove from bag and pat dry.

For the salad:

 Blend the cherry tomatoes in boiling water for 10 seconds

 After this refresh it into cold water.

 Then put white vinegar and olive oil and place it for 2 hours.

 Scoop potatoes and poach into water.

 Mix herb for garnish.

For the red sauce:

 Chop chili and garlic in a wide pan

 Add the octopus cooking juices

 Add tomato puree

 Taste for seasoning and set aside

 Grilled octopus

Then brush the octopus with oil and do chargrill if it is needed. You can squeeze lemon and salt

over it.

Now you are ready to serve the delicious Octopus and can eat it right away.

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