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Is Automation Testing Ensures Quality At Early Stages?

In this quick paced environment, almost all the companies are moving towards automation. Starting from marketing to finances, from development to testing, automation is seeping in almost every sphere of the business. Therefore, a lot of testers are quickly moving from manual testing to automation testing. Although, the transition from manual testing to automation testing has become quite convenient because, now, there is a lot of scope of learning the automation testing techniques, tools and trends. And, as Software Testing Services is becoming more and more popular as the world has realized the importance of testing, therefore, the demand of automation testing has increased.

Significance of Automation Testing

Automation testing is the need of the hour because the software development as well as the testing industry is growing at a very fast pace. Hence, as a result, the demand and need of automation testers is soaring. Automation testing is preferred over manual testing because of a host of reasons. And, one of the reasons is that it lessens the total test execution time to a great extent. At the same time, the deployment time as well as the cost of the development project can also lessen significantly if automation testing is adopted.

For instance, in case you are handling a project for which you would have to run 200 test cases, and almost 10 people are working on this project. In that case, 10 people testers would be performing 20 test cases every day. As a result, the total test case execution time will be high, and, the test might be completed in 2 days. However, if you have opted for automation testing instead of manual testing, then, in that case, the overall testing time will reduce. In fact, you would be able to close the testing process in a day without any hassle. Also, the number of people involved will reduce greatly.

Automation Testing Ensures Quality At Early Stages.

Apart from the fact that automation testing reduces the overall time of testing and deployment, one of the other reasons that it is adopted is because it ensures quality at early stages. As, if a tester knows topnotch automation techniques, then in that case, he or she would be able to identify the flaws early on. The testing teams will be able to oversee the project at an early stage and find out the main problem areas. And, if they will be able to identify the main problem areas, then it would be much quicker and simpler to solve the issues sooner. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that if a good testing strategy is conceptualized, then quality can be ensured at a very early stage of the development project.

Automation testing is on a rise and it is only expected to grow and become more preferable over the passage of time. Therefore, the need and demand of both automation testers as well as tools and techniques is increasing at a rapid pace.

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