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Online Reputation Management (and why SEO goes together with it so well)

With new digital technologies emerging each day, online reputation management is most important of all.

Managing your business’s online reputation can help you steer clear of negative customers sentiment plus boost your positive online presence. Using proper online reputation management, you’re capable of building a good reputation on your business.

Online reputation management, or ORM for short, negates the need to remove negative comments, simply by actively promoting positive pages. The goal of online reputation defense is to get your positive pages to rank high and your bad low in search engine results-pages (or the SERPs for short). The procedure typically involves proactive and often hard-edged solutions aimed at suppressing the negative online content concerning a brand by replacing the bad content with positive material. You could take several months to repair the reputation, and the reputation management agency you choose must be actively seeing how their process plays out.

Managing Online Brand Integrity in the Digital World: Why Use ORM?

While more and more of society transitions to a digital environment for nearly anything, the older versions of advertising are being rendered obsolete very fast. To capitalize on the new wave of digital marketing, you must monitor and influence the conversation happening digitally about your brand. Managing your online reputation is one huge way of filling gaps in your existing advertising efforts.

There are a variety of techniques that you can use to manage your brand and to protect it from unfounded negative reviews. As digital marketers, our main focus is search reputation, which involves surrounding your website with a variety of branded online properties to defend Google search results for your name from potential negative-comment damage. This reputation management technique is a very involved search engine optimization (SEO) process. According to award-winning SEO digital marketing agent Alexander Velitchko, this strategy is one of the most effective kinds of ORM, since Google has essentially replaced the Yellow Pages as the foremost online venue for business discovery. Whenever you have a question, chances are that answering it only takes a moment’s notice of summoning Google – that’s just to give you an example of how society has shifted. If people look to Google to answer all their questions, then surely, Google’s first page shapes someone’s first impression of your business – especially because by the time you go to page 2, more than 90% of the traffic is lost! That’s just how much we trust Google, and so SEO is our most highly recommended online reputation management tactic.

Protective Measures for Managing Your Online Brand

There are other measures which any business can take to make it easier to manage & protect their image & integrity, such as making sure clients & visitors are well informed about what you offer.

For example, a blog is an excellent way to provide engaging, all encompassing information about the services & products you provide to your customers. Essential as social media may be in modern digital marketing, the numbers still remain difficult to measure. Digital advertising over the internet is constantly changing, and it is much more obvious seeing the impact of any program you’re running. Although every aspect concerning online reputation management and repair may not apply to your social programs now, you will gain a thorough understanding of the moving parts best for you to implement later, so you will be well-poised to execute the most effective ORM strategy at hand. With an analytic understanding of the competitive landscape, you have the arsenal to craft a winning marketing campaign.

Online Reputation Management: Dealing with Naysayers on Social Media

Reputation management’s not just a set-it-&-forget-it thing. As one can probably already tell, there can be more to social media than meets the eye. The larger the online presence, the more challenges there can be trying to keep one’s social accounts straight, and hence defend your brand’s reputation & image.

Client testimonials can go viral, good or bad!

Clients can be very outspoken about profound experiences with a service or product. In fact, people are more apt to go all-out on social websites about negative experiences than positive experiences. Passionate people write long-form articles plus create videos on what matters in life, and share them organically across social networks of choice. The inherent fact of social media is that zealous posts like this spread like fire among these people’s friends, family plus other online contacts – and it could even wind up in your own flesh-& blood’s eyes. It’s a boomerang effect.

People can make positive testimony go viral like this. On another side, the long-form videos & posts about negative experiences elicit even more passionate reactions from your audience. Just watch your back!

Because if one fails to keep track of a digital paper trail left by passionate sorts of social announcements (let alone any social post at all), that could bite them in the behind even harder than they’d ever imagine. Business reputation management companies actively monitor how your customers view you plus your business in the digital world. They will help to safeguard business-owners from the viral and provocative impact of negative customer reviews on online media, and make positive testimonials more amplified.

Managing Reviews on Google Maps

For local businesses, people often get their first impression from a Google Maps listing, because it dominates more real estate than anything else in searches for a local business. Hence, if you’re on Google My Business, it’s especially important to manage and to protect it from fake reviews by non-customers. Our SEO agency on Google Maps has a clean profile of customer reviews, and we use the same secret sauce to achieve the same thing for our clients too.

Learn More About Online Reputation Management

We know you’re elated to have learned something you never knew before about your reputation on digital real estate, and strategies to make sure your brand is in tip-top shape. And think of it…this article is abridged. Want even more? Check out our complete, unedited online reputation management article at https://tripleagentdigitalmedia.com/online-reputation-management-defense-guide/ .

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