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Avail of Emergency AC Repair and Maintenance in Dubai

We know air conditioners are luxurious goods that seem unaffordable for middle-class people. But, air conditioners have turned out to be a necessity for the alarming rise in temperature. If you have an air conditioner, then periodical maintenance can restore the good working condition of your AC. According to the estimate of the Department of energy, the average lifespan of an air conditioner ranges between 15 to 20 years. However, proper servicing can extend this lifespan to some more years. All maintenance and repair works are not possible to do by yourself. Thus, you will require an AC repair and maintenance service.

When Will you Require AC Repair Services?

You can hire an AC repair expert if you ever come across the following problems:

AC Installation

AC installation service will be necessary if you have bought a new air conditioner. Until and unless you are an electrician, you shouldn’t take the risk of installing this high voltage machine yourself. Moreover, a wrong attempt can damage your machine badly. Therefore, get a professional from an AC service center and set up the machine correctly.

AC Duct Cleaning

AC duct cleaning is necessary to prevent the breeding of insects, mold, and bacteria. If you don’t clean the air duct for more than six months, then harmful contaminants will accumulate and cause serious health problems. Moreover, there will be a significant impact on the air we breathe. Therefore, hire an expert to clean the full length of your AC duct. As a result, it will remove allergens and bad odor.

Drain Cleaning

The AC drain line might get clogged if you don’t maintain your machine properly. Now, various tools are required to remove the clog. Only an AC repair Dubai professional will have these tools and can do the work seamlessly.

Repairing Damaged Hoses

Refrigerant is the gas that removes heat from the air supply of your air conditioner. The AC won’t be able to cool down the air due to the lack of refrigerant. So, if you find that hot air is coming out of the vent, then there is a leakage in the refrigerant of your air conditioner. Perhaps a damaged hose or seal has caused this issue. So, let a professional inspect and replace the damaged section to prevent future leaks.

Repairing a Broken Fan

Air conditioners are equipped with fans to circulate the air inside the machine. If this fan breaks down, then the air won’t move throughout your home’s ductwork. Such a situation can arise if the AC motor burns out due to electrical issues. Therefore, get a professional to ensure that both the fan or blower are moving. If the technician finds any damage, then he will fix it then and there only.

Clogged Filter Blocking Air

As the air conditioner works, dust and dirt get collected in the vents. So, if you don’t remove them, they will come out of the vents when the AC is turned on. It is quite arduous to do this cleaning on your own. Therefore, let a professional do this work for you.

Apart from vents, air particles can clog the filter of your air conditioner. Thus, the air conditioner won’t be able to push the air through ducts. As a result, there will be restricted airflow. Thus, you must clean the clogged filter without further delay.

Dirty Condensers

The condenser is a part of your AC unit that is located outside your room. It contains coils that are responsible for venting. So, if the condenser gets covered with dirt and other materials, then the performance of your air conditioner will suffer. Hence, connect with experts if you can’t clean the condenser on your own.


Your air conditioner might free up if it doesn’t get proper airflow or venting heat quickly. Thus, ice might develop on the condenser. Now, you will require an expert to fix the underlying problem by replacing the air filter, fan, or any other component.

Electrical Issues

Air conditioners are complicated machines with a great deal of wiring. It is not unusual to have worn out electrical connections with an older Ac unit. Furthermore, your air conditioner will keep shutting down frequently due to damaged electrical wires. So, if you leave old wiring for too long, then it can cause sparking and electrical fire in your home. Thus, you must fix these issues as soon as possible.

Get Complete AC Repair and Maintenance Services at Your Doorstep:

UAE Technician has a well-organized group of air conditioner technicians. They are experienced in repairing branded air conditioners successfully. Moreover, we offer highly affordable service both for maintenance and repair purposes. We even offer a guarantee for both cases. In addition, you can reach us for replacing a sinking air conditioner pad, repairing thermostat, installing a programmable thermostat, or straightening coil fins. So, don’t be late and register your service request at our Helpline Number 045864033.

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