Confused About Real Or Fake – Fact-Checking Apps Offer A Helping Hand!!

The mobile app development domain doesn’t seem to disappoint ever – one of the trendiest things is AFC nowadays! AFC stands for automated fact-checking. It uses digital tools to verify, identify and give a response to misleading claims.

Of course, such solutions cannot replace human fact-checkers but they for sure assist them in one of the best ways possible. Being digital, internet-dependent and smarter, they reduce the time taken for checking as well!

It’s challenging now to differentiate between real and fake info!!

Initially, yes, it is very difficult to establish a difference! The reality or authenticity of any content surfaces once it has been shared widely on the internet! The damage control is usually done after the false info has wreaked havoc on users!

Therefore, the need for fact-checking apps, tools, software, etc., is a dire need these days! Why, you might ask – well, because the spread of false, incorrect and provocative content spreads rapidly. To counter it the powerful solutions are needed.

Such options help us bust the lies and present a clear picture to everyone – fact-checking tools are, without a doubt, a boon!

What do we mean by AFC?

We know the full form of AFC; let’s learn what it involves. As the name suggests, the central part is the automation bit here! It helps professionals with different stages of ensuring the correctness of facts and proves to be assistive in nature. The related software and tools are not yet fully developed to carry out the authentication process on their own from start to finish.

Identifying falsified elements is the first step in correcting the same. This begins by monitoring online news, social media posts, broadcasts, etc. from NLP to text-to-speech, different kinds of software are deployed to find errors and eventually make corrections wherever required! They help in side-lining irrelevant claims as well.

The Grant for taking care of accurate info!

Keeping a check on the authenticity of any material is so important that in the year 2020, The Fact-Checking Development Fund supported 22 projects from 12 countries!

The winners received a whopping 1 million US dollars from YouTube via the Google News Initiative. They were to develop new tools to:

- improve the workflows related to checking facts properly,

- create new formats to reach newer audiences,

- use videos for accurate information dissemination, etc.

Winners were selected from 141 participants and a 10-member committee analyzed them. The IFCN staff reviewed each application which was then given scores by the jury.

Are they really worth a shot?

Fake information and news are all around us. In an era that has necessitated social media presence and the use of the internet as a normal ritual, information and content consumption have increased by many folds.

People wish to propagate anything and everything that favours them and the same has led to the spread of lies – to be precise and brutally honest. The wrong info consumed might seem harmless initially but has repercussions in the future! The same also leads to all kinds of frauds online – where people offer half-baked info and the vulnerable audience ends up believing the same and, in turn, gets robbed!

So, answering the question in the sub-head – yes, these apps or tools are definitely worth a shot! Such applications won’t just make your business stand out but will also make your business continuous!

How? Every company – big or small – uses tools to confirm the authenticity of any piece of news or information. These tools make the same happen in a hassle-free manner. And hence, they are a lucrative option too!

What must you remember?

It is mandatory to ensure that whatever content you are consuming is authentic. This isn’t crucial simply because you must be factually correct but also for you to not land up in a problematic situation. Yes! It is possible that you might end up in a tough situation if you propagate a piece of false news without knowing that it's wrong in the first place!

But don’t get too worked up as creators have developed some powerful and useful tools to do the fact-checking and help kinds of consumers in the world. The best part is that there are corresponding applications too for the same now!

So, don’t wait up and get one built for your venture too. Reach out to the field experts for the best fact checking app development – today!

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