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The tales of facial recognition are not new. This concept is prevalent around the world from years. In the beginning, it was the part of fiction movies only but now it is taking place in our daily life. People are using different kind of devices that can recognize the face of an individual. Actually, these devices are integrated with face recognition software, that can recognize the face.

Besides, mobile phones are also being integrated with face recognition applications that provide an advanced user experience. Developers are also engaged in developing mobile apps based on facial recognition technology.

You might be thinking, what is facial recognition? How does it work?

Let's understand this technology and its utilization.

Facial Recognition

Have you ever thought how does our brain recognize faces? Actually, our brain performs numbers of actions in nanoseconds. It captures the pattern of the face by recognizing eyes, nose and other parts of face and compare a virtual picture with all the memories of faces, and after finding similarity, it sends the end result. Similarly, Face recognition technology works.

Actually, it is a biometric software that collects face prints of an individual by mapping face features. Basically, this technology is typically utilized to identify the person and collect one's unique identification. It verifies a person by comparing his/her 'face print' with the digital image available in the database. This technology is very popular around the world, as it is being utilized for unlocking smartphones, make payments by identifying humans. The most acclaimed advantage of this technology is security it offers to access third-party apps.

This technology can be integrated within any device that has a digital camera. Additionally, it is offering selfie-based authentication on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Besides, it can gather data on large crowds, it means hard identity is not a limitation to this technology.

How does facial recognition work?

The overall 'data processing' in this technology is complex. However, it works on the simple principles. Basically, it distinguishes 80 nodal points of the human face. Each nodal point in the face is an endpoint that allows the measurement of distinct elements of the face such as the shape of cheekbones, depth of eye sockets, width of nose, length and more. The positioning data of nodal points gets captured on a digital image and at the end gets stored as 'face print', further, this face print is utilized to compare with captured images.

Such system is very efficient. It is hard to deceive it, as it identifies facial landmark and angles that define facial features. It means, it can work with eyeglasses, makeup, beard, and mustache.

Facial Recognition in mobile apps

Presently, developers are engaged in offering high-grade mobile apps with unmatched capabilities, and face recognition technology is providing high-grade security features to the apps. Businesses need highly secured mobile apps for their employees and clients so that crucial data cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person. With face recognition technology, mobile apps are being fused with a high-grade security lock feature that can be opened by identifying the face of an authorized person. Soon, the utilization of this concept will grow in mobile app development.

Yes! in future, you will be logging in mobile apps through a picture of your face. It is similar to the barcode scanning feature available in some mobile apps.

In the future, it is expected that it will be utilized for various purposes, such as 'to unlock the door of home' and more. Undoubtedly, this technology has the potential to transform the overall user-experience in the future. Its utilization in mobile apps is expected to increase at a greater extent. As it adds high-grade security in the apps, businesses are attracted toward this technology and striving to secure applications based on this technology.

However, the major question is who can build facial recognition app precisely?

Well! an innovative and intuitive mobile app development company in UAE like Techugo can build such apps for different purposes. We at Techugo, offer incredible mobile apps with unique features and functionalities. Our team of developers ensures to deliver the finest quality apps with eye-pleasing UX/UI. To get your mobile app build, get our assistance, and consult our experts to know best technology for creating your business app.

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