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To begin,This Article.I would Love to give a huge Warm Thankyou to Jackie From CicaMed for Sending me 4 Complementary Items their skincare Line of my choice.They were Very kind to send me their Face Mist, Collagen boost leave on firming mask serum, Eye cream, and Body lotion-Tangerine Vanilla To Share my thoughts,opinions,and honesty on good or bad. CicaMed skincare Is a cruelty-free , Organic and Company ! I am so excited,and truly blessed I was able to try Such a Great items and write about my experience! My favorite things to try are indie brands. I am always open to trying new and improved things and writing about my experience (Good or bad. ) In my opinion Indie brands are always better than Huge brands. Simply because of the art work ,branding,and Handmaking the smaller companies are willing to do. I believe smaller brands are not getting enough recongnition for their hard work and because The human race is so used to Spending money On larger companies and brands. CicaMed has a range For All skin types. I personally have Dry,Itchy,and acne prone skin.

-Alyssa Alizäbeth Aoifia ♡


🍃USA LLC Brand

🍃Based in Organic Science

🍃Great for All Skintypes(They will definitely have something for YOUR skin)

🍃Cruelty - Free


I have definitely tried lots of facial sprays and mist, and they are all the same,All meant to do the same things.However,This is something to add to my collection for my before and after makeup series of skincare. This specific mist is designed for both men and women, All skin types (Mostly Dry ) To cleanse ,Deepen, and moisturize your pores and (For all skin types) essential for Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, over-worked, or vacation skin. For me ,I do have very sensitive, Dry skin so This did work for me before applying my makeup and after Rinsing my makeup off .The Unisex Facial Mist Has made it very simple,easy and refreshing for me and my dry skin. However,It does get a bit too greasy from time to time,you definetly cannot mix it with any other skincare products. Ladies and gentlemen who wear makeup or even someone who just wants something to carry in their purse for a refresh during the day This is something you could Definitely look foward to using. I did enjoy The Scent It was Not too strong meaning, an even smell for both men and women. The downside is it does get into your nose which makes you sneeze really badly. The pump also was very manageable ,One pump goes across ,and around the whole face making it so you are not wasting lots of product. The Facial Mist Retails for $39.95( US DOLLARS) PURCHASE THE MIST HERE CODE💲💲💲- AOIFIA for % OFF


I wake up at 6 AM to get ready for work and Get my day started . You can imagine how bad I have bags during the day or week. I asked to be sent this specific product mainly because I was very intrested in taking the bags I have under my eyes away. I tried it for approximately 3 weeks and I am In love ! I definitely See a huge difference in my under eye area. A little pea size of this product goes a long way and Gives you results like no other. This eye cream Is made for all skin types and Is to be used daily ( Night & Day) for clear results like me ! The Eye cream retails for $24.95 (US DOLLARS) PURCHASE THE EYE CREAM HERE: 💲💲💲-AOIFIA for % OFF


My second favorite thing In the package was most definitely The Body Lotion. I instantly fell in love with the scent,It is not too strong and highly tolerable. I make sure to use it every night after my showers. The thing I love most about this specific Lotion is not only the scent but also how thick the lotion is as well. A little goes a long way and It moisturizes every area . You get 7oz Of product which is more than enough and well worth the money. The Tangerine Body lotion retails for $34.95(US DOLLARS) PURCHASE THE BODY LOTION HERE: 💲💲💲-AOIFIA for % OFF


Lastly, My top favorite from Cicamed ! The Gold Mask ! I could write an entire story on this product but to save your brains and eyes Im going to give a short summary. This mask smells so Great, It firms,Softens,And relaxes you skin,and leaves glitter Pieces on your face to leave its mark. This was the top Product for me out of this entire experience! I am so glad I was able to try this product and Being able to worship it! It was able to take away Black heads, Dead skin and Keep my skin from drying out as well. After using this I topped it with the Cicamed facial mist to keep my skin twice as hydrated .The Gold Collagen Mask retails for $54.95 (US DOLLARS) PURCHASE THE GOLD COLLAGEN MASK HERE: CODE - 💲💲💲-AOIFIA for % OFF

Overall, These products from Cicamed are wonderful and Very well worth the money! I Do recommend to try their products They have a full range and collection Of reasonable skincare options worth trying.



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