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Things to do in Canton GA

Well off the beaten path and nestled amongst the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains lies the charming little town of Canton GA. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere, Canton is a wonderful place to visit, regardless of your rank or station in life. Simply walking down the street is profoundly enjoyable; the warm smiles from passers-by are almost as bright as the Georgia sunshine bathing the sidewalk in its cheery afternoon rays.

Now, these good southern vibes are nice and all, but you may be asking; what is there to actually do in Canton? Glad you asked! There are actually a ton of things to do in this cozy little haven of southern culture. Without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at all the things one can get up to during a visit to Canton GA!

Explore nature

With its prime location in the Blue Ridge mountains, one of the most enjoyable pastimes you’ll find here is simply going out and taking a walk down its trails and through its forests. There are dozens of peaceful walking trails that criss-cross the hills surrounding Canton, and all of them are worth exploring. Strolling along under the canopy of green treetops is a feeling that very little else can compare to!

If you want to capture the sights and sounds of the trails through the forests and meadows that surround Canton, why not bring an inexpensive digital point-and-shoot camera? Taking photos and videos of these beautiful nature scenes will help preserve them for years to come. Additionally, these forests are home to dozens upon dozens of unique species of flora and fauna, and getting a photo of a rare species of flower or video of a beautifully patterned bird is a uniquely satisfying feeling.

Another great way to experience the nature surrounding Canton is to find a bike and explore some of its bike trails! If you prefer an activity with a bit more of an adrenaline kick than simple flat trails, there are some more challenging routes you can take, but be sure to bring a sturdy mountain bike and a good helmet if you plan on riding these!

Do some street photography

Now, if you aren’t into photography, this one might be coming out of left field, but just hear us out! Street photography can be a highly enjoyable way to spend your time, and there are few places that are better suited to this activity than Canton is. Now, if you’ve never heard of street photography, don’t worry! It’s easy, and anyone can do it.

In simple terms, street photography is just that; walking around and capturing photos. But on another level, street photography is a lot more than that. It’s about telling stories. It's about catching a glimpse into the souls of the people and places, an honest, relatable way. It’s not a science, and there’s no right or wrong technique; it’s all about telling a story.

And it doesn’t cost a load of money to get into either! Unlike portrait photography or macro photography, you can use just about any camera to do street photography. If you’ve got a couple bucks to spend, you could go for an entry level DSLR and a couple of decent lenses. If you’re on a budget, you can spring for a $100-150 point and shoot.

Once you’ve got your camera, all that’s left to do is go out and capture the world around you in your own unique way. Take pictures of people going about their everyday lives, take pictures of birds flying overhead. Take pictures of an interesting stone on the sidewalk, if it catches your eye! Canton is full of unique things to photograph that can provide you with an invaluable opportunity to express yourself and at the same time capture beautiful photos.

Spend some time downtown

While Canton is by no means a metropolis, it does have a lively downtown area that’s home to all kinds of attractions that will keep you busy as long as you’re there. Let’s look at some of the things you can find in downtown Canton!

Well, if you are just starting the night off, you’ll probably be looking for a place to eat dinner. Luckily for you, downtown Canton has plenty of sumptuous restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for some meticulously prepared sushi, a heaping pulled pork sandwich or a piping hot pepperoni pizza, Canton has exactly what you’re looking for.

After dinner, you might just be in the mood for a drink. If you find yourself in this situation, fear not! Canton has a variety of great places to snag a drink, from old-timey saloons to slick, modern cocktail bars. If you want something a bit slower-paced and lower-energy, there are also several venues that curate and serve craft beers and wines, so you can enjoy an artisan twist without having to deal with raucous drunks or blaring music.

If drinks aren’t really your thing, why not stop by the local theatre and watch a show? The Canton Theatre is over one hundred years old, but it still regularly puts on a selection of musicals, dramas, tragedies and comedies. Among the productions you’ll find played at the Canton Theatre you’ll find timeless classics and bold new think-pieces by up and coming playwrights alike. These plays are produced by different theatrical troupes, from high school drama clubs to experienced professional actors, and the variety is, frankly, refreshing!

Whatever you decide to do while you’re in Canton, we’re sure that you’ll agree that is a timeless slice of Americana that just feels right to spend time in. If this place captures your interest like it did ours, you might just want to consider moving there! If you are interested in moving to this little north Georgia haven, a great place to start is by contacting one of the top real estate agents in Canton GA. Once you’ve found a real estate agent that suits your needs, you’ll be well on your way to making the city of Canton your home!

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