Tim Perry

Five Exercises To Sharpen Mind

Who doesn’t want a concentrated mind? Everyone loves to have a mind with high focus and concentration. But in today’s time, it is not easy to achieve robust mindset and increase the focus of our mind to a great extent. Today, there are lots of distractions in our lives because of the connectivity of the world. Even if you say no to everything, then also we have a mobile in our hand which keeps us connected with the outside world.

So, one requires a lot of efforts to tackle this situation and it is only possible to deal with all the distraction if one inculcates some daily habits to focus his brain. Also, we know that there is a lot of competition in every field so only a focused mind can achieve success in the outside world. Frankly speaking, it is very difficult to have high concentration of mind in the present time. If it were easy, everyone would have achieved high mental focus in their lives. However, there are certain exercises that a person can try to increase the ability of his brain to focus strongly on a given task. These exercises are enlisted after analyzing their results on the lives of people. One should include these exercises in their daily routine to enhance the concentration of his mind.

According to TheAmericanReporter.com Yoga and Meditation help to relieve stress and increase the focus of our brain. While a person does yoga, he feels relaxed because of removal of all the toxins from his body. Eventually, his mind becomes calm and its concentration increases. During the process of meditation, one focus on his breath and this helps to create a state of mindfulness. It is a great and proven method to increase our mental focus. Many great people have mentioned that they have a habit of meditating for long hours and it has resulted in improving the quality of their brain.

Reading a good book increases your knowledge and wisdom. Also, it helps to calm down anxious mind and eventually increases the concentration of our brain. Many successful people such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, etc. have a daily habit of reading a book. If a person reads a book before going to sleep then he would feel a lot of calmness in his mind. And this would eventually help in concentrating easily on the tasks at hand.

While you walk, try to count as many step of your feet as you can. This is a great exercise to enhance the power of our brain and increases its focus to a great extent. It is not possible for anyone to count a large number of their footsteps. But if you practice this on a regular basis, then it would definitely help you to increase your concentration. You can say that it is a similar exercise to focus on a single point. When a person inhales for six steps and exhales for the next six steps, then the mental focus of the brain improves significantly. And when the mind becomes clear, then it becomes really easy for it to do any task effectively.

Playing an instrument helps to provide a recreation to your mind. This way our brain feels a soothing sensation which helps it to focus on a task at hand for a long time. When a person plays any particular instrument, then both the parts of brain are utilized in working on the instrument. In this way, our brain feels relaxed and stress-free. Once this is achieved then it simply increase the productivity of a person at his work and he feels more focus in his mind.

There are various instruments available in the market such as Violin, Guitar, Piano, and Flute. All these instruments can not only improve the concentration of our mind, but they also keep our mind calm. Many musicians have admitted that they have experienced a great sense of calmness at their mental level even since they started playing musical instruments.

Playing games can take the level of mental focus to a new height. Also, it is one of the favorite methods of people to increase the concentration of their brain. Almost everyone loves to play games and there is no dearth of games available in the market to increase the mental focus of the mind. While you play any game or solve any puzzle, then your mind becomes focused at one point for a long time. All it leads to is increasing the focus and alertness of the brain. If you can’t afford to buy any game from the market then you can solve Sudoku and crosswords from any newspaper on a daily basis

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