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How To Choose The Right Guest Posting Sites For Authors?

Assessing guest blogging opportunities is vital as it helps to identify worthwhile sites that will enable you to meet your goals. Guest posting websites are not created alike. Although some may be suited for your niche, they have less traffic and may contain biased opinions. By associating with such sites, you will receive an unfavourable spotlight. This is why it is crucial to assess and choose the right sites. A site should further your marketing effort by building credibility for your website or company. Use these tips to identify the right guest posting sites.

• Assess the site's targeted audience

While a site may have millions of monthly visitors, its niche may not align with yours. Your submission may be rejected by the site or if accepted, visitors may be uninterested in your content. Thus, make sure to find sites that cater to your targeted audience. Evaluate how many visitors they receive and determine whether their readership relates to your customer profile.

• Evaluate the posting perks of the sites

You need not settle for sites that don’t have posting or standard perks. One great way that sites offer perks is by including a URL to an author’s profile. In doing so, they enable visitors to know more about the author and the associated brand. Therefore, ensure to settle on sites that offer perks to authors. This will be a clear indication that you stand to benefit once your article is published in a guest posting site.

• Gauge their traffic statistics

The truth is that you can’t log in to their sites and check their analytics. But these sites should state their traffic statistics and readership demographics. For instance, they should state the number of visitors that read their articles monthly, their primary audience, and average page views. You shouldn’t trust sites without this kind of transparency.

• Look out for sites with posting guidelines

Posting rules might appear as limitations since you can’t exercise complete creative freedom. Nonetheless, select platforms with guidelines for posting. These rules eliminate promo posts, re-posts, and sales pitches that are valueless to readers. If you note an ambiguity with their guidelines, make sure to contact them for clarification on the same.

• Analyze posts published on the sites

A great way to know the worthiness of a guest posting site is to scrutinize its content. Check their primary niche and whether the subject matter has already been covered. Find out whether posts are based on personal opinions or are hearsay. While there is always some room for personal opinion, trustworthy posting sites ought to be free from untruths and slander. Thus, understand the tone and style of the content and think about ways you can create unique content.

• Assess social media reach

Today, social media followership is a key aspect of reaching the target audience and gaining popularity. Some site packages include social medial marketing. This means your article will not only be published on their website but also on their social media networks.

A credible site should indicate their social media presence including stating their followers on different social networks. This information will help you to determine the level of user interactivity with the sites.

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