Tory Anders

What Happens when you Buy Instagram Likes?

The concept of buying likes on Instagram has been around for a while. And everyone seems to be jumping on the train. There are several articles and blog posts that expound so much on how you can buy likes on Instagram. However, Instagram has gotten strict over the years, and it's becoming harder to play tricks for engagement on the platform. Many people don't know what can happen when they buy likes on Instagram, which is what this platform is about.

There are many side effects of buying likes, and we explore the major ones in this article.

You risk your real followers and the genuine engagements you get.

Likes on Instagram are generated by bots when you buy them. No matter how smart bots and artificial intelligence seem to get, there is still a limit to what it can achieve. When your followers notice unusual like activity on your page, it can cause them to lose trust in you. It is critical to note this, especially if you run a business on Instagram.

Whether you run a business or you are an individual, credibility is crucial, as it determines if people relate with your posts in the future. Once they notice that you have fake bot followers and likes on your post, they become wary of engaging with future content.

You are known as a Faker.

It's undeniable for the audience to know when there is an element of fakeness to the likes and comments you get on your Instagram posts. For instance, when you have fake likes generated by bots when your followers check through such and find that the location and accounts are not active, they resign that you are fake. When you post products with a call to actions, not only will they think you are false, they may place such comments in the section below your post. This can harm your business, no matter how genuine it is.

Instagram may purge your account.

One of the prevalent exercises of Instagram is called "Purge," as they remove inactive accounts. If they notice too many fraudulent activities on your account, your account can be purged of the followers and likes. This brings you back to the ground level.

By getting fake likes, you are going directly against the terms of service of Instagram, and once this is found, your account will be punished.

In some cases, you may only get a warning. In other instances, your account may be banned and restricted from some days. In the worst-case scenario, it can be obliterated.

You have to keep spending to keep up.

The Instagram algorithm takes note of everything that happens on every account. Your followers also notice. Once you buy likes and followers, and the insight on that particular post goes up, you need to keep buying likes on the following ones to keep up the metrics. You can't stop, for fear of getting caught early. In most cases, the account gets caught in the long-run, however.

Final take

No matter how tempting it may be, it is not always a great idea to buy likes for your Instagram posts. And even if you have the resources to keep up the charade for a while, it’s only a matter of time before you slip up and are caught.

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