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DIY House Pest Control: Homemade Pesticides And Repellents

See a cockroach? Out of bug spray? Instead of rushing to the closest store for more bug sprays how about making your own? You just need to mix a few ingredients which you most probably already own to prepare a pesticide or a repellent.

This will not only save the money you would spend on house pest control in St. Lucie County, but most of these ingredients are also organic which makes them eco-friendly and less likely to harm your health. Also, most of these solutions are easy to prepare and won’t cost the entire weekend. Here are some pesticides and repellents you can prepare at home:

Soap Spray

Soap, particularly castile soap, can be used to kill various types of bugs. You just need to dissolve them in water and spray the solution around the house. You don’t even need a lot of soap, two tablespoons in a liter of water are sufficient.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee repels bugs and is outright deadly for ants. To get rid of the bugs, grind coffee beans and lay the grounds around the house, especially the areas where you notice the infestation. You don’t have to grind fresh coffee beans if you don’t want to, you can use the leftovers instead.

Boric Acid And Sugar Water

Borax is a strong insecticide that can kill many bugs. You can increase its effectiveness against ants in particular. You just need to add a cup of borax and a cup of sugar water, place the mixture in a jar and cover it with a lid with a few small holes in it. The ants will be drawn to the sweet scent and die after consuming the borax.

Vinegar And Water Spray

Vinegar doesn’t just add to your tastes, it subtracts the number of bugs in your place. Bugs, especially spiders, find vinegar very pungent. By mixing equal parts vinegar and water you get a deadly spider-killing solution. The solution can also be used to wash floors and kitchen counters to wash the scents used by insects to travel and track food.

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Apple cider vinegar attracts insects, especially fruit flies. You can prepare a trap by placing some in a jar with small holes. The fruit flies will enter the holes but not exit it, thus will be trapped until death.


Not sure about vampires, but garlic certainly works on roaches and ants. You can either cut a few cloves and place them on the shelves or sprinkle some garlic powder instead. Be sure to replace the garlic after it dries out.


Pepper, cinnamon, cloves and other spices fend off pests. You can crush them and leave them around the places you suspect an infestation. You can also prepare sprays out of them by boiling them for fifteen minutes and then leaving them overnight, it’s time-consuming but worth it. You can add some soap or garlic to increase its power.


Herbs, like basil, eucalyptus and marigold, ward off bugs. Different herbs affect different insects but most of them are effective against mosquitoes and flies. You can plant these herbs in the lawn or indoors. You can also use dried herbs by burning them or prepare a spray out of them by boiling three or four tablespoons in a cup of water. The essential oils extracted from them can also be used to make sprays. The effectiveness of essential oil spray and herbal spray can be increased by adding witch hazel to the solution.

Citrus Spray

Citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges may smell fresh to you but not to the bugs. You can cut them and leave them in the room or make some citrus juice and spray them around the house or upon yourself to keep the bugs away. Their peelings can also be used as repellents.

These are only some homemade recipes you can use to conduct a house pest control in Port St. Lucie County on your own. But be careful, some of these solutions involve fresh ingredients, like citrus and garlic, which means they need to be replaced soon. The solutions which use chemicals like borax or soap should be handled with care and kept away from the children.

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