Ways To Save Time When Marketing and Growing Your Business

Anyone who has ever started or tried to start a business by themselves knows that it is one tough thing to do. You look at your business and say “I could really do a lot more and potentially grow my business exponentially if I had more time.”

With the time that you get from hiring people to work on your business’s social media platforms, hiring people to write blog posts for your website, and having more people to market for you, you can put more efforts into coming up new ideas and collaborating with professionals to help grow your business. You can make better products and services, and even reach more people. The list goes on and on and it can be mentally draining running your business alone. Well, for those people who want to start a business or have started a business and have only have yourself to bear the burden, I want to share some tips and ideas to help you save time.

I recently figured out the power of the internet and it is truly powerful. It has allowed so many people to become financially free and even become millionaires in little time and with little or no money to start. If you have a business you want to expand or are thinking about starting a business, this article is going to elaborate on some things that will help you save time. There are 3rd party online assistants that can easily become a trusted “for hire” worker for the long term, and many other ways to market your business and save time. When you are running a brick and mortar business, most of the work will have to be done by yourself, but building your online presence and overall popularity can be outsourced to others for cheap.

Finding Help Building Your Business Online

The online world has major influence in how successful businesses become. Whether you have products or services that you are trying to sell, or a website you are trying to build, establishing an online presence is the key to growth. You can only grow your business so much marketing locally or in a certain area. The online world has billions of potential customers and you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

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First, I believe that it is a good idea to have a website with a blog, whether you are selling products or services. If you are building just a website as a business where you have advertisements and affiliate products, blogging is most essential. Blogging allows you to reach more people and the more you blog and market this content, the more of a chance you have for one of your articles to be read by a potential customer on your site where you sell your products or services Now you can increase your twitch followers for better marketing n blogging.

Now, blogging by yourself can be very time consuming. In order to save time, you can easily go to a 3rd party website that have people willing to write articles for cheap. This will save you a lot of time and it will save you money in marketing. When these people write articles for you, it has a chance to be picked up by search engines bringing people to your site who will potentially buy your products or services. It’s a great marketing technique and low cost. If you have some kind of budget you can even go for local SEO services to get best search results Here are some sites you can go to that will help you find a potentially great writers for your blog:




Keep in mind that the lower you pay, the worse of a writer you may get, but you can always get the article and tweak it up yourself. In this way you will still be saving time. You also want to make sure the article provides value to your readers, so when you ask someone to write an article for you, you should give specific details on what you want the article to talk about. Always remember to delegate any tasks that you may outsource to others to make sure it is of quality, and be sure that you go over the articles for grammatical and spelling errors.

Here are some things that you want your blog posts to have to make sure people will see you as a professional and want to buy from you:

• Great, quality content that provides value

• NO spelling errors

• NO Grammatical errors


To establish your brand, services, or website, you also need to market your website, blog posts, products, and services on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google plus, which can be done for FREE. You want to have a presence on all social media because this gives you a chance to reach an entirely new audience of potential customers and people who will visit your site. Learn more 70 ways to make money online

Setting up these social media pages for your website will allow you to market your websites blog content, relevant information on your site, or content that is in the news. This should be done daily, but this can be very time consuming. So, you can save time by hiring someone to run your pages or by using a site called Hootsuite is platform that has a lot of features to help you manage your social media accounts from one place. It also allows you to schedule messaging, connect with team members, and review analytic reports of your social media accounts. It can be very helpful and help you save a lot of time. Read more: Bootstrap Business

Take Away

Ultimately, you want your business to get to a point in growth where you can subtract yourself more and more from the daily habits that allow your business to sustain itself. This will give you more time to market the business yourself, network with other business professionals, and come up with new ideas for your products, services, and growth of your business. When you have a business where you are doing all the work yourself, it won’t be a very profitable business. You always want to find ways to outsource your work and then delegate the task so that you get it exactly the way that you want it. Outsourcing your work is one of the true keys to power because it gives you super-human like speed and efficiency to get things done.

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