SEO Guide for E-commerce Websites

SEO is of prime importance. If you don’t optimize your website for search engines, your potential customers have to face very much difficulty to find it. The search engines provide a huge amount of traffic and if your website is not able to rank high for relevant terms, you will miss out on the chance to drive this traffic to your website. That means if your e-commerce store is missing out on the traffic, sales would be missing too. You will want to rectify this situation quickly. But, what are the ways to improve the search ranking of your e-commerce website?

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To Help You We Have Pointed Out A Few Tips Here:

Researching Keywords

For optimizing your e-commerce website, you will need to focus on specific keywords that are related to your store and products. You want people to type these terms into Google to wind up at your site. What is important at this point is to choose relevant keywords for your store that has a high search volume but that should not be too competitive or too broad. This is because a very broad or an unrelated keyword can increase your bounce rate ( visitors who click on your site and then go back without having to visit any other pages ). Instead of helping your business to boost sales, this could wind up your potential customers when they will find one thing on your website and get something else.

Researching Competitors

There is a way to optimize your site and that is by looking at what does your competitors are doing? Most probably you already know who are your major competitors. By looking at their site you can figure out what keywords they might have targeted.

Even don’t miss their website structure, that’s also a good idea. How have you navigated to their sites? How their products are structured? Not just helpful for visitors, good navigation and structure are, but they also help in understanding, classifying and ranking websites on search engines.

Adding to these you can type the keywords into Google that you are considering and see which sites are shown at up. For differentiating yourself and your site from these competitors, try to come up with new ways.

Website Errors Fix Up

Those websites will not rank high on search engines that have dead links, missing pages, duplicate content as compared to sites that are not having these issues. What you need to do further is go through your site and correct these issues at the earliest possible time.

After that, you will want to improve the speed of your website. The fact is not only Google factor website loading speed into its ranking structure but customers either don’t like to wait around for yours or any site to get loaded. If they feel, are unable to view your site quickly, they will click back that moment only and visit someone others. Keep in mind that if a customer is failing every time while loading your site in a reasonable time frame, no matter where you still rank, you won’t get the sale that you are expecting.

Optimizing On-Page

As off-page optimization such as link building is very important and so needed to be done, on-page optimization too should not be overlooked. For the higher search engine rankings and great user experience how your site is structured and content is written as well as formatted matters most.

You need to make sure that entirely accurate, detailed and SEO-friendly descriptions and meta tags are added in all your products. Although you should not spam keywords into descriptions as doing this can hurt your rankings and confuse potential customers.

Besides this, making sure of having descriptive and keyword-rich ( whenever possible ) URLs of your site is too important. More than the URL filled with random words and numbers, a descriptive URL helps in bringing your site to the top.

Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

You must know that these days Google is emphasizing more and more on mobile-friendly websites. In fact, for about a year now Google is labeling mobile-optimized sites as mobile-friendly in the mobile search results. This factor alone can affect the percentage of whether a mobile user is clicking on your website or not. To add another in the row, your search engine ranking can also get affected by whether a website is considered mobile-friendly or not.

If we talk about the current situation, more than 50% of Google searches are performed on mobile and not to bother as this percentage is going to increase only. That means you will want for sure that your e-commerce website becomes viewable and usable for all the mobile users.

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