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What is deuterium depleted water and why is it a health breakthrough?

The natural health and food supplement industry has recently been favoured with a breakthrough of massive proportions. It is perhaps of such importance, that it would be comparable with the discovery of vitamin-c, back in the 1930’ies.

This natural substance, will not add something to your body, but instead, flush something away from your cells, that has been found to limit their optimum performance, cause DNA damages and excess free radicals.

The benefits are far-reaching and range from sports performance enhancement and anti-ageing to protection against toxic substances and radiation to profound benefits in cancer research and as cancer drug adjuvant for decreasing harmful side-effects and increasing desired benefits of treatment. So no matter if you want to boost your sports performance, or turn back the clock of your metabolism to a more youthful state, deuterium depleted water can help you achieve your goals.

With this product in its simple food and supplement version, which is called HtoEAU DDW or deuterium depleted water, it has never been easier to regain optimum health.

Regaining optimum health and rejuvenate your cells all at the same time, just by one decision to buy deuterium depleted water!

See the research documentation and be amazed

You can read about all the health-related research on DDW and hydrogen-rich water under this page where they have collected an impressive overview of hydrogen-rich water and DDW research studies in relation to benefits and subjects. All very easy and just one click away!

Hydrogen rich water is on par with the first breakthrough, but where DDW is liberating your cells from a load of heavy hydrogen isotopes, hydrogen-rich water has the ability to add something to the body, in the form of a highly effective free-radical scavenger (more specifically a hydroxyl radical scavenger). This amazing and simple health recovery water is rich in antioxidants that will not need to be detoxed or recovered by the liver, such as other antioxidants like vitamin-C, vitamin-E and Glutathione, do.

The health benefits of hydrogen-rich water are truly impressive and I would encourage anyone to follow any of these links to the page, to see the research study list first hand.

The Hydrogen Innovation Company Ltd based in Europe is helping clients worldwide accessing these products on a commercial scale. The company has specialized in the development, production and distribution of products, based on these two new breakthroughs. They work with international brands as well as professional sports clients and clubs, health clinics, doctors and private individuals in relation to these new interesting health modalities.

For private individuals and other clients where continued home use is key, The Hydrogen Innovation Company has a range of finished high-end products available. Depending on the case at hand, and the speed of which benefits are sought, the company also offers the possibility for integrated home systems, such as a high concentration or high ppm Hydrogen Water Machine.

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