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DIY Kitty Piñata Tutorial

So we’re all in agreement that the Kitty party planned by Ha Truong is just about the most adorable thing EVER, yes? She’ll be sharing lots of tutorials on her blog but we’re excited to share one of them here this afternoon, too! This super sweet kitty piñata uses strings to open the treat door, instead of requiring the kids to bash it with a stick. Each child picks a string to pull, but only one opens the door. Pretty genius if you want to keep it as a bit of decor for the birthday girl’s room.

Writing tool
Box cutter
Masking tape
Duct tape
Long cable tie
White tissue paper (or crepe paper)
Blush tissue paper (found at Target)
Black cardstock
Baker’s twine

PART 1: Making the Kitty Frame

1. Draw a circle onto a piece of cardboard for the kitty head. You can freehand this or use a large, circular object to trace. I used a plate to trace a circle (to make a bigger circle, you can use a ruler to mark spots all around your smaller circle and connect the dots).

2. Using a ruler, draw two triangular shapes on your circle for the kitty ears.

3. Cut out the kitty shape with a box cutter (use a mat underneath or another box so you don’t slice your table or floor)

4. Trace the kitty piece onto another piece of cardboard and cut it out.

5. Cut out 4″ strips of cardboard for the border of the piñata. You’ll need enough to frame the kitty shape. Bend the 4” strips so that it is easier to mold around the frame of the kitty.

6. With masking tape, start taping one kitty piece to a 4″ strip until you’ve framed the whole kitty.

7. In between the kitty ears, line a piece of duct tape on each side of the strip. Pierce two holes and insert the cable tie through them (with the notch hidden inside the piñata).

8. Cut a trap door at the bottom of the piñata. Pierce a hole in the middle.

9. Tape the second kitty piece onto the other side of the border to close up the piñata.

Part 2: Decorating

10. Cut 3″ strips of white tissue paper. Fold a stack in half and cut them into a fringe.

11. Layer two sheets of fringe and start gluing the white fringe onto the kitty piece from the bottom up until you’ve filled the whole side. Fold and glue down the hang over fringe or trim it. Repeat the same steps for the second side of the pinata.

12. Glue the white fringe onto the 4″ border, but work from top to bottom for a flat border.

13. Draw the eyes and nose of the kitty onto black cardstock and cut them out (I drew one eye and double layered the cardstock when I cut it out).

14. Cut thin strips of black cardstock for whiskers. Cut cheek blush and ear fill from blush tissue paper.

15. Place them on one side of the kitty head and glue each piece down (make sure the pencil marked side is the side you glue down).

Part 3: Creating the pull strings

16. Cut the tissue paper around the trap door to open it up again. Repair by adding more white fringe if necessary.

17. Cut X amount of baker’s twine into 2-3 feet strings (depending on how many children will have a turn). Poke a hole in the trap door and pass one string through the hole. Duct tape that string onto the inside of the trap door. This is the string that will open the door when pulled.

18. Knot one end of the other strings and thread them through the hole as well. These will pull through the hole (make sure the hole is big enough!) when tugged by a child.

Voila! A sweet little game for a girly party.

Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us, Ha! We love every bit of Oliva’s kitty party.

*Tutorial and photos by Ha Truong.

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