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abeautifulmess.com · Jan 4, 2015

Hanging Copper Pipe Clothing Rack DIY

Hi guys, LaTonya here! Now that the holidays are over, I'm sure you're unpacking your kids' clothes and your own new duds, and trying to figure out where in the world it's all going to be stored! This isn't just a holiday dilemma for us, it's a long time dilemma because of our small living space. I say our apartment is small, but really, by New York City apartment standards, it's a pretty good size. The only reoccurring issue that I wish did not exist is the lack of closet space. We only have one closet. Crazy, right? Truthfully, the closet can barely hold my clothes alone. And that's with constant purging and careful selection on my part. We created a closet in our hallway, the kids have a wardrobe in their room, but we were still lacking in storage space. We considered using a garment rack, but we were faced with another issue, lack of floor space. My husband and I started thinking about an attractive and functional way to free up some closet space, and we created this hanging garment rack! We both love that we now have more storage, and I love that this garment rack adds so much character to our room.

-large diameter mini tube cutter
-3/4 pipe brush
-(2) 3/4 in. galvanized malleable iron floor flange
-(2) 3/4 in. x 3/4 in. copper C x MPT male adapter
-(8) anchors
-(8) medium size screws
-(2) 3/4 90 degree elbows
-3/4" x 5' Type L rigid copper pipe (We cut 8in. of the pipe for the hanging portion. You can cut off as much as you'd like depending on how low you want your garment rack to hang.)
-super glue (not pictured-optional)

Step One. Choose where you want your garment rack to hang. Corners and low traffic areas are always best. After choosing your spot, take your floor flanges and your marker, and mark where your screws will be placed in each floor flange.

Step Two. Cut your pipe using your mini tube cutter. We chose to cut 8" off of our pipe, but you can cut as much as you'd like. Alternatively, if you want to keep your original pipe's length, and not use some of it for the hanging portion, you can purchase another pipe and cut that. After cutting the pipe, take your short pipe and thread it through your male adapter.

Step Three. Drill your holes. Using your studs and your screws, drill your floor flanges to the wall.

Step Four. Screw your small pipe with the attached male adaptor into the floor flanges.

Step Five. On your 5ft pipe, twist on your 3/4 90 degree elbow. You can use super glue to make sure it stays if you're concerned about the weight of your clothes on the rack. We did not use super glue and ours is holding up well.

Step Six. Place your 5ft pipe into the short pipe that's hanging in the ceiling. Feel free to use your super glue again in this step for extra security. Our rack is super sturdy without, and we chose to create it without the glue so we can easily move it in the future.

And you're hanging garment rack is finished! We chose to use copper because we love the way it looked against our wood and white walls. You'll find many other choices at your local hardware store.

If you don't need the extra storage space, but you love how this rack looks, you can use it to hang your plants or to hang your art. Also, you could have it coming out from the wall instead of hanging from the ceiling to create a little organized art section for your kiddos. All you need are a few baskets, and s hooks. This project is so easy to make and can work in any room! -LaTonya

Credits // Author and Photography: LaTonya Staubs. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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