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Travel can be exciting, overwhelming, confusing and enlightening – and teaches you things you never knew about yourself. With 2015 a self declared year of travelling to places I’ve never been before, chances are there’ll be lots of sharing of travel ideas and stories here on the blog. At least I’m hoping so! But with so many emotions travelling through us when we, ahem, travel, it’s not surprising that we sometimes have trouble recalling that coffee shop we stumbled upon, or that perfect vintage store. It’s for that reason that I’m a huge fan of recording the things I do and see when I travel, which is where travel journals play the perfect role. And while it’s more ‘essential places to see when I come back’ as opposed to ‘dear diary, today I ate a hotdog’, writing what you did when to took a trip is a great way to pay homage to (and remember) adventure and places. For my trip down under, a little while back I decorated a simple travel journal to inspire some wanderings of the mind.

How I use my Travel Journals:

  • I separate my trip into days (Day 1, Day 2 etc) and give them a page. On those pages I mark down what I did, making sure to include details about restuarants, hotels, transport, and also all the favourite places I visited like neighbourhoods, streets and parks.
  • I include tickets, maps and other flat items that will remind me of my trip, and also jog my memory for when I come back!
  • I include things I didn’t enjoy that much or would do differently (cos that’s travel, isn’t it?).
  • I also use the journal as a place to store creative ideas I have while I’m away. you know what they say don’t you? You have your best ideas when you’re not thinking about it.
  • At the end of the trip I do a little review and make a note if I think I missed anything, because it’s not always possible to do everything is it?

How fun will it be when I have a whole bookcase full of these babies?

You need:

  • Plain Journal
  • Map
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to:

1. Place your journal on the centre of your map and indicate the size of the journal and then add 1″ (2.5cm) to the length on both the top and bottom.

2. Cut your your piece of map paper.

3. Add glue to the back of your paper.

4. Wrap the paper around the edge of the journal.

5. Use a ruler to smooth down any bumps.

6. Cut two slits along the spine of your journal, cut away the tab between the two slits and then fold and glue the two remaining edges inside the book covers.

7. Allow to dry.

8. Cut 4 rectangles out of your remaining map paper. Fold two corners down to create a triangle. Stick these triangles onto the cover of your journal to create photo corners. Voila!

Happy travels!

Ps if you love travel crafts make sure you check out my embroidered map and leather luggage tags!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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