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3 Multiplication Games Your Students Will Love

Hey friends! As we all know, multiplication is HUGE in 3rd grade! After teaching what multiplication is and all the different ways to multiply...we turn to memorizing those facts. Because let's face it, students have to know their multiplication facts as they start to learn more complex math skills!
Here are 3 multiplication games that my students LOVE! It's their favorite part of the day!

Multiplication Spoons

How to play:
Have 1 less number of spoons as players in the middle.
Deal 4 cards to each person.
Everyone discards 1 card to the left simultaneously.
Everyone picks up new card and the continues to discard to the left.
The first person to have 4 cards that match, picks up a spoon.
Following this, all the players need to do the same. The person without a spoon is "out"
However, I don't like to have students "out" in games because then they disengage!
So the out players get to help another player!

Multiplication Headbands

How to play:
Player 1 puts on a headband and places the cards in the band.
Player 2 calls out a multiplication fact that matches the number on the card.
If Player 1 answers correctly, the card is removed and the game continues.
If Player 1 answers incorrectly, Player 2 gives another fact or helps Player 1 solve the problem.
After going through all the cards, the players switch roles.


How to play:
First student pulls out a popsicle stick and solves problem.
If correct, student keeps stick. If incorrect, it goes back in jar.
Students continue around circle.
If a Kaboom! stick is chosen, all the player's sticks go back in the jar.

Roll & Multiply

Ok...so this isn't as exciting as the other 3 games, but it's great practice none the less and I wanted to share this with you! Click right here to get your freebie!
Grab the Spoons & Headbands games from my TPT store!

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