All Things Upper Elementary · Mar 18, 2014

5 Ways to Use a Hundreds Chart in the Upper Grades

Hi there, upper elementary teachers! It's Blair from One Lesson at a Time, here to bring you some tips for using hundreds charts in the upper grades. Hundreds charts are a fabulous math tool for all elementary students. Here are some of my favorite ways to make them work for upper elementary kiddos!

1. Race To 100: 2-by-1 Multiplication Practice

This is a fun and easy-to-prep game to reinforce 2-by-1 digit multiplication. Read more about this idea by clicking {HERE}.

2. Identifying Prime and Composite Numbers
Have students use two different colors to highlight prime and composite numbers. Finished charts should look like this:

3. Rounding to the Nearest 10
A hundreds chart is a great way for students to visualize numbers that round to each group of ten. Use one color to highlight numbers that round to 10, another color to highlight numbers that round to 20, and so on. Here's an example of a completed chart:

4. Identifying Multiplication Patterns
A hundreds chart is a great tool for identifying multiplication patterns. Have students color in multiples of each one-digit number and then discuss or write about the patterns that they notice developing. Here are some example charts:

5. Generating Equivalent Fractions
Use a hundreds chart as a jumping off point to discuss equivalent fractions. Ask students to color in half of the hundreds chart. What fraction is equivalent to 1/2? How do they know? Can they show 1/2 in another way on the hundreds chart? Repeat the activity with 1/4. Students should be able to easily divide the chart into fourths and use arrays or counting to find the number of squares that make 1/4. Identify the equivalent fraction with denominator 100. Ask students what fraction out of 100 is equivalent to 3/4. Repeat with other fractions. Show each fraction on the chart in multiple ways. Here are some example charts:

This is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list! Sound off in the comments about your favorite way to utilize hundreds charts! And make sure to stop by my blog, One Lesson at a Time, to pick up this FREE hundreds chart foldable for your interactive notebooks! Click on the picture to go to the post and download it.

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