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13 Creative Wall Ideas

Did you think that you had to paint your walls in one color from top to bottom? Wrong!! I mean, you totally can, of course…but you certainly don’t “have to.” There are tons of other things you can do to create a more unique and creative accent wall (or hey, all four walls, if you wish). Some of these ideas are pretty time-intensive, but others are super easy. Like, even easier than actually painting your wall the "normal" way. And once you free yourself of thinking that a wall has to be one solid color, you'll probably come up with even more great ideas than the ones I rounded up here. Because seriously...the possibilities are endless.

1. Wide stripes. This is a pretty simple way to try something a little different, since stripes are such a classic. As long as you make your stripes fairly wide, you won't have to do too much taping off.

2. Diagonal. This idea is fun, and won't require too much work either. After you've painted the wall your first color, place a long, diagonal strip of tape from corner to corner (or wherever you want the line to be), then paint your second color up to the tape. Easy! See more examples here and here.

3. Messy stripes. I love this idea because there's no taping or measuring required at all! Perfect for me, the anti-measurer. Just take a small roller and roll on stripes from the ceiling to the floor. They don't need to be perfect or exact--in fact, part of the charm is that each one will be a little different.

4. Messy halfway. This is similar to the stripes above, but (dare I say?) even easier. Just roll the paint about halfway up the wall, or to whatever level looks good to you. Then stop. Perfect if you're almost out of paint but don't want to buy another gallon…haha! But to be honest, I'm not sure if I could handle the unfinished look in my own house.

5. Half painted. If you like the idea of a halfway painted wall, but want it to look more finished than the one above, here's an example with neat, crisp edges. I also wrote a whole post about the half painted trend here. This is definitely one of my favorite looks...I would totally do this!

6. Painted Circle. I really like the idea of a big circle on an accent wall. It almost looks like a big full moon, doesn’t it? And it’s still pretty subtle, if you want to try something unique but don’t want to do anything too “crazy.” You can make this by putting a pin in the center of the wall, tying a piece of string to it, and tying a pencil to the other end. Then just keep the string tight and trace the pencil around in a circle. Your circle will end up with a diameter that’s twice the length of the string (does that make sense?)

7. Geometric pattern. This geometric wall is gorgeous, and would be pretty easy to make with some extra thick tape.

8. Mountains. I wrote a whole post about mountain (or zigzag) walls here, and I’m still loving this trend! Perfect for an adventurous kid’s room…or really, any room.

9. Sharpie wall art. What if you didn't have to bust out the paintbrush at all? It's hard to believe, but the wall above was created using a gold Sharpie. I know!!! It looks like a fancy designer wallpaper! This is an idea I would totally try.

10. Scalloped plywood wall: Now, this idea will definitely require a little more time…but if you have the patience for it, the end result is pretty amazing! The scallops were cut out of plywood panels with a jigsaw.

11. Wooden chevrons. This idea is a little easier than the scallops, especially if you only cover half the wall…and you still get that cool texture from the wood! I’m pretty over chevron in general, since it was everywhere for the last few years, but this idea still feels very fresh and not too overdone. So I’m down with it! I would totally do this.

13. Honeycomb wall. Last but not least, you’ve probably seen this amaaaazing honeycomb wall by Vintage Revivals, right? I love it! It would definitely be a labor of love, but so worth it. Pro tip: she used white paint to “ombre out” the colors on the wall--so you don’t have to buy as much paint as you might think!

See more ideas in my "Walls" board on Pinterest. Which one is your favorite?

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