Bean's Beauty Blog · Jul 20, 2017

Let's Talk: Never Too Old To Blog.

For a long time, I have felt a little too old to write a blog. I mean, look around there's tonnes of bloggers under the age of 20 and maybe even more between the ages of 20-25. I'm a late starter. When I was 22, this would probably have been the time I would have started, had blogging been a 'thing' back then.
Back in those days Twitter hadn't been invented and I hadn't even heard of a Pinterest board.
I had never thought of setting up a blog. At the time blogger first came on the scene, I was happy on the dance floor, with friends in the club. Blogger was released in 1999, and blogging wasn't like it is now. Putting that aside I didn't discover my real love for all things makeup and skincare related until I hit my late 20's. I've always loved makeup and before I hit 25 was partial, especially to Benefit's boxed blushes. When the big 3-0 came around and I became a little older and wiser (I'd like to think), skincare became even more of a priority than pretty makeup. I've always had good skin and wanted to keep it that way.

I started adding more expensive skincare brands into my routine, I started to use face masks regularly. As my love for high end luxury products grew, I also decided to venture into more expensive makeup. Makeup that would really give results. Highly pigmented, luxurious, long lasting, beautifully packaged products.
I also love the drugstore, I really do. You get what you pay for. There are some brilliant products out there, some of the formulas are as good as high end (I'm thinking foundation and mascara), just with less fancy packaging. I'm not lying when I say, I became a makeup and skincare addict.
After discovering all these wonderful products it never occurred to me to write about it. Not until one day a dear friend said 'oh c'mon you try all these great and not so great products you should write about it Beana'. So I did it, months later I started my blog.
If blogger had been around all those years ago, I'm quite sure I would have blogged back then, however I feel like I'm a better blogger now than I would have been at that point. I'm wiser, I feel like I know what I want to write about (most of the time) and I feel I can give more now than I could then.
One of my favourite bloggers London Beauty Queen spurred me on to write this post, after setting up the #30 BloggingCollective, which appreciates all those women in a similar position to me. Feeling under-appreciated, and maybe slightly over the hill?
Everyone's blog is different. That's what makes bloggers great. We can all learn from each other, appreciate each other's blogs, whether you are 13, 30 or 50. And hey, why not write a blog when you're 70? If you have something to say and you write well, then why not have a fancy blog?
So I say, let's hear it for every blogger, not just the 30 collective, 20 something's or the teens, but to every blogger.
Whether you're young, old or older, let's enjoy blogging while we can. Don't feel old, enjoy it. Blogging wasn't the thing to do in my day, so I'm going to enjoy it for now. I'm just late off the starting blocks. And age as we say, is just a number.
***Final Note: It doesn't matter on your dress size. It doesn't matter on your bank balance. It doesn't matter if you have a designer wardrobe, 100 pairs of shoes or the world's largest handbag collection.

What matters is that we all write great content, we support each other and work together to make the community a strong one. So whether you're a size 8 or 18, you have £1 or £1000 in your account, you carry a Prada bag or a Primark bag, who cares?

Blog for yourself and your readers and enjoy it. There's room for everyone.
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