Multiplication Games: Paper Plate Multiplication Wheel

With a child in fourth grade, we have been learning about multiplication for quite a while now. Whilst Miss 9 has a good grasp of multiplication as a mathematical process, we are still working on memorisation of multiplication tables for quick recall. Some of the tables she mastered super quickly, but others are more challenging and require a lot more repetition to crack. I am a big fan of using all sorts of different multiplication games and fun multiplication learning resources to keep the learning interesting and this Paper Plate Multiplication Wheel is a simple idea that adds a hands-on element to what children might otherwise find rather dry and boring rote learning.

The wheel is made simply from two paper plates and the addition of a flap at the side makes it self correcting, the child can check their answers as they go.

To Make a Paper Plate Multiplication Wheel

You will need:

  • 2 paper plates per wheel
  • 1 split pin, brad or paper fastener per wheel
  • Marker pens
  • Scissors
  • Lead pencil
  • Ruler

To make:

1. With the pencil and ruler, divide one paper plate into 12 equal sections. This is the base plate.

2. Label each of the twelve sections with a marker pen as shown in the image below. Write the numbers 1-12 around the inside of the plate. The numbers along the outside of the plate are the answers to each multiplication fact for the multiplication table you are revising with this wheel – in this case, they are multiples of 7.

3. Take the second paper plate and cut a small window that lines up with the numbers around the inside of the base plate (see below). Make two small cuts along the outside edge of the top plate to form a flap. Use the marker pens to then add the rest of the number sentence for your given multiplication table – in this case, 7 x _ = ??

4. Place the top plate on top of the base plate and then push the paper fastener through the thickness of both plates and then bend the legs of the fastener to secure. Your multiplication wheel is now ready to play.

5. Repeat for each set of multiplication tables your child needs help revising.

For more fun multiplication games, check out this printable game pack.

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