Everyone Loves an Asshole

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my shin. I looked up to see that Ava had returned to the table. Her face was painted with confusion and concern.

“Roman, what are you watching?”

The concern was now starting to turn into suspicion. I massaged my leg and attempted to divert the impending investigation until I could come up with a believable lie.

“Ayyyyee now! You’re really trying to hurt a brother with those stilettos!

“Excuse me? The way you’re gawking at your phone makes me think you’re checking out another chick instead of the one that’s in front of you! That’s rude!”

“I hate to admit it Ava, but I am”

“What? Are you being an ass?”

See what happens when a man speaks the truth? Ava had given me that old, debilitated speech about being completely honest when we first started dating. It was the same fabrication I had heard so many others courageously declare only to regret it in the end. So what was I going to say? I’m preoccupied with this voluptuous caramel groupie who can ride a dick ten times better than you? That I’m intrigued by her sexual vulnerability, wondering just how far she will go? While my ego stood in his pink, Ric Flair robe and dared me to go there, I listened to my other half and gave Ava a well crafted line.

“Baby, I’m not trying to be an ass. I’m just looking at this video one of the directors sent me”

“What video?”

“This new video by Sukihana”

“Suki who?”

Ava started to slide out of the booth. I quickly switched over to my messages and pulled up the video from Paul. By the time Ava sat down in my lap, I had the video cued up and gave her an earbud so she could hear. Forty seconds into the video and she was in awe. I knew the vision of multiple women eating each other would make her eyes pop!

“What in the entire fuck is this?”

“Now do you understand?”

“And they are putting this on Vevo?”

“I highly doubt that, dear”

“I hope you are not trying to do a video like this, Roman, especially with this, this attention whore in it!

“Nah, you know this ain’t even my style! I don’t approve of women degrading themselves for likes and shit”

“Uh huh”

“You know we have more cars in my films than anything else”

“Uh huh”

“C’mon Wonder Woman, don’t be like that! You know you’re the only one that I wanna see make it clap!”

“Yeah, but you keep me on the bench like I’m not ready”

“I know you’re ready, but I still have to jump hoops with Mackenzie’s lawyers to finalize the divorce. But once the dust settles, we can work toward us. You’re my number one”

In reality, Ava was more like a number five, but she had my attention tonight. I slapped her on the booty as she went back over to her seat. I smiled as I put my phone away. I had averted a social media calamity. I couldn’t be seen getting slapped, or worse, beaten up by a WNBA player in a fucking seafood restaurant! The memes and Twitter slander would have been detrimental to my status. I was already late getting to this part of my life and I wasn’t gonna blow it. Not with a five.

As our food reached the table, Ava continued her campaign to be wifey number two. She started her monologue on how we were so perfect for each other. She painted the picture of us having two homes in the states and one in Italy. In between bites, she went on about how she wanted us to homeschool our children and teach them about finances at an early age. The sad fact was, I didn’t want any more children. I already had six, and was still on the hook for three! Between the private schools and nannies, I couldn’t afford to have any more kids. I told Ava this during our very first conversation. I guess she thought she could convince me otherwise.

“What do you think about it, Roman?”

“Think about what?”

“The tuna fish?”

I looked down at my plate and didn’t realize I had damn near finished it.

“It is pretty good. You were spot on, babe!”

“See I told you! I never steer you wrong. You know we should really start planning another getaway. I was thinking we could . . .”

As Ava continued to share her dream vacation plans, I started to replay Cheyenne’s video over and over. Despite the visual being arrested from my view, my mind had mentally recorded it all in HD. As I consumed my meal, I schemed for ways to get Cheyenne alone with me. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, I knew she had a man. I had already done my research. What stirred my curiosity though was the why? Why was she willing to risk cheating on her crazy dope dealer boyfriend? Her dude was the kind of guy that you didn’t fuck with and Cheyenne was definitely not a woman to die over. But for some reason, the whole dynamic intrigued me and I needed to experience her pussy for myself. I knew she would be much better than my dinner date, who was still managing to talk and eat at the same time!

“That was so good, babe! Thank you for dinner”

I looked at her plate and she consumed every morsel of her entree! Damn this woman could eat!

“Looks like you were hungry”

“Babe, I’ve been waiting for this all day! I didn’t have anything on the flight and went straight to sleep when I got to the hotel. Thank you again for the upgrade to the Presidential Suite. The girls were so jealous!”

“I’m glad I could do that for you. I told you you were my number one”

“That you did. So what do you want to do now, loverboy? The night is still young!”

I managed to throw a smile her way. While I adored Ava’s physique, sex was a hindrance for us. Ava was young and it showed in her performance. She was always trying to take control, but didn’t know what the hell she was doing. She was always trying to tell me what to do as if I was one of her peers. There was no question that I was knowledgeable in the bedroom. The multiple orgasms Ava had every time gave evidence to that! However, she couldn’t get me to climax. No matter what instruction I gave, she would fuck her way. If I told her to slow down, she would speed up. She would change positions without warning, causing me to catch my rhythm all over again. I should have gotten off on her looks alone, but I had passed that part of my life years ago. I was running out of patience in the bedroom. But like a stubborn mule, I wanted to make it work.

“I have a video shoot with Drake in the morning. Why don’t we go back to your hotel and get in some cardio?”

“Cardio? So you wanna go for a run around the airport?

She gave me that silly smile. I reached across the table and looked into her eyes.

“I think we may need some extra towels and sheets tonight”

Her nipples began to show their true nature as I gave the waitress my card.

“I’m gonna make you come so hard tonight. And I won’t stop until your cream is all over me”

I managed another smile as the waitress returned. How was I gonna pull this off tonight?

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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