CORNER POLITICS · Jan 15, 2021

Heaux Tales

“Ladies, I think you all remember Tito”

I was anticipating a swift punt from dear old cuz, but she sat there, still in amazement. The savage inhaler of enchiladas was now frozen in place, as if she had seen a ghost!

“Tito Carver? Is that you?”

That’s the only thing Sam could manage as she attempted to wake from her stupor. Tito and Aisha embraced each other deeply, like she was still his girl, although the onyx band around his finger said otherwise. Mr. Goodbar started to make his way around the table for hugs, but I quickly changed his course as I extended my arm for a fist bump.

“Hey, hey, hey playa! We’re still in a pandemic, ya know!”

Tito laughed and nodded his head as he returned my warm gesture.

“Still the same ol’ Kaymiah! Glad to know some things haven’t changed. What’s good, Samantha? How are you?”

I looked over at my cousin, who for some reason, was drooling over the brother as if she didn’t have a whole husband at home! I popped her in the shin so she could come back to her senses. She wiped her face and waved at Tito as he turned his attention back to the mistress of ceremony.

Now don’t get me wrong; Tito was still fine! Brother reminded me of the new Aquaman, but with short hair and a close beard. He walked with that swagger that had every woman in the place breaking their neck to catch a glimpse. But what was his reason for making this guest appearance? What would make him so bold to come here and risk being seen? I needed to know!

“So Mr. Carver, what brings you to our little soirée?”

Instead of answering my question, Tito and Aisha walked back toward the entrance as the Mariachi band began to play. I kept my eyes on them while Ms. Samantha, who was back to her lip smacking ways, started to inquire about Aquaman’s presence.

“What are they saying, Kamiyah?”

“Girl, I can’t hear over this music! I know I’m gifted, but damn!”

“But you can see what’s going on, right?”

“So you just wanted me to be your nosy informant, huh?”

“Well . . .”

“Since your hubby is buying the drinks, I guess I’ll do my job”

Even though I couldn’t hear anything, I did have line of sight on the forbidden couple. I could see ol’ boy hand something sparkly to Aisha. My misguided friend smiled as she quickly slipped it on. Then as he prepared to leave, Tito bent over and whispered something into his lover’s ear. Aisha stood there for a moment, hands clasped together, staring towards the sky before heading back to the table. Whatever Cassanova said, it had Aisha horny as all get out! Girl was starting to perspire and her nipples were showing through her blouse. She returned to her seat, still fiddling with her diamond ring. It didn’t take me long to realize what had happened.

“Aisha, don’t tell me you left your engagement ring at Tito’s house?”

Aisha didn’t comment, but I didn’t care.

“Girl, you out here cheating with a married man and you got a whole fiance? Have you lost your mind?”

“See? I knew you were gonna trip, Kamiyah! It ain’t even that serious!”

“Serious? Serious? Aisha Shanell Fleming! Don’t even play me like that! What the fuck are you doing out here in these streets? And to be so careless as to have him bring you your ring back in public?”

“If you must know, it got lost in his Tesla. I guess we got a little carried away”

“A little? Damn girl, aren’t you afraid his wife’s gonna find out?”

Just then, Aisha sat square in her chair and took a sip of her drink before addressing me.

“Kamiyah St. Clair, are you afraid that Demarcus’ wife will find out about you?”

I know she just didn’t bring up Stinky Dick! I gave the evil eye to Samantha, who was the only one I told about Doo Doo Brown besides Chance.

“Damn family! How the fuck you gonna tell my business to Aisha? I told you that shit in confidence!”

Samantha attempted to inhale an entire enchilada in her mouth to keep from addressing my question. However, to my surprise, Aisha wanted all the smoke this afternoon.

“Nah, nah, nah sis! You wanted to call me out so let’s talk! I asked you a question? How is my sin any bigger than yours?”

“Well for starters, I’m not engaged”

“But that doesn’t make that shit right either now does it? So the appropriate question is why am I cheating on Rasaan? Am I right?”

“I mean, you’re not wrong”

“I’m cheating on Rasaan because he has a whole family in Chicago”

Damn. My attitude quickly shifted as Aisha started to partake of her entree like this wasn’t anything new. Samantha, who had somehow digested half of her meal in one bite, was now able to speak.

“Aisha! What the hell? Did you know before or after he proposed?”

“Oh girl, I knew before”

Okay, back up. Rewind. I need to hear this again.

“You knew he was married and you still accepted his proposal?”

“I didn’t say he was married. I said that he had a whole family in Chicago. Like he has a common law wife and two kids that live there. As a matter of fact, the common law called me to tell me about them”

“The fuck? And this is cool with you?”

Aisha laughed while Sam and I looked on in amazement.

“Ladies, I don’t plan on keeping him!”

“So what was all that flowery shit you was shoveling to us before Tito arrived? I mean, you were making Rasaan out to be this good dude that was gonna wait on you”

“Honestly, I did that so I wouldn’t have to hear Kamiyah talk bad about me”

I stared at my college friend as if I didn’t know her at all.

“Why the hell would you have to put on for me? I mean, your life is your life”

“Maybe, but when I look at you, it’s like I’m going to be judged for being who I am. If I said I was running through niggas for the fun of it, y’all wouldn’t want to talk to me”

“Girl please! You don’t have to put on airs for us! Hell, we already knew what you was doing anyway!”

Before Aisha could respond, cuzzo chimes in,

“And you already know that Kamiyah is fucking her cousin’s man! Might as well come clean sis!”

I nodded my head slowly while I ordered another round. I was pissed with my cousin for telling my business, but I wanted to hear the truth about Rasaan. Aisha obliged.

“Well, when I met Rasaan, I actually told him the truth about me dating multiple men. After he tasted the goods for himself, he couldn’t imagine another man fucking me so he proposed. Now how long he’s gonna keep up this celibate ruse, I don’t know”

“So that part was true?”

“Yeah. I think he’s doing that so he can climax when he’s with his old lady. But as long as he wants to eat me out and pay my bills, I’m cool with this arrangement”

“Ah shit! So you’re just jacking him?”

“Not literally, but yeah, something like that”

“So where did Tito come from?”

“I gotta admit, Tito was a surprise. You know every time I get engaged, a blast from the past is always stepping up. Well the normal contenders came on schedule, but Tito, he called me a week ago. And when he reached out, all of those feelings from college bubbled up inside of me”

“Oh wow”

“So yeah, we ended up meeting at this park and talked for hours. Talking turned into sex inside and outside of that car! I know somebody probably video taped us because I had no shame! I hadn’t squirted that much since, damn, never!”

All of us needed a drink after that! I haven’t had the privilege to experience an orgasm on that level. Most times, I was having to finish myself off with my vibrator. In a way, I guess I was jealous of Aisha’s sexual freedom. By the way Samantha was sucking on the straw, she was envious of our friend as well.

“Damn girl! I’ve never known you to play the side chick. You cool with him being married?”

“No sis, I don’t approve of the situation he’s in, but I wanna see what he does, if that makes sense”

“Not really. You gonna have to make this plain for me to understand”

“Sam, Tito explained that he’s currently separated from his wife and he’s attempting to get a divorce. She’s fighting the prenup so it’s taking longer than expected. If he gets out of it, we’ll see about trying to do us”

“But Aisha, you’ve never been one to settle down. Not after that shit with you and Rick went sideways”

“Yeah, Rick kinda fucked me over”

“Kinda is an understatement”

“He played me real good. He caught me in a vulnerable state. Even though it had been two years since Tito left, I still hadn’t gotten over him. I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t love myself. Rick decided to love me in spite of, or so he said. But I bounced back!”

“That you did!”

“And I subscribed to playing these niggas like they played us. I enjoyed spending their money while stacking my own”


“Yeah, enjoyed. I really wanna see where this thing goes with Tito. Ladies, I’ve never stopped loving Mr. Carver. He’s the only man that could reach my soul, ya know?”

“Yeah you told us about how big he was after your first night with him”

“And girl, it’s only gotten bigger with time!”

Samantha began to fan herself as I called the waitress over for another drink.

“So now that we’ve gotten my issues off the plate, what’s going on with you, Ms. St. Clair? When are you finally gonna let Chance know that you love him?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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