CORNER POLITICS · Apr 29, 2021

He’s Never Gonna Let Me Leave

“What’s the matter is that she is in love with you too! It was just supposed to be me! You’re my man, not hers!”

Immediately Morgan’s face fell into her weary hands. Dr. Hoffman grabbed some tissue and began to console my beloved. I sat there frozen by Morgan’s words, replaying them over and over again. I was her man. I was her man. It didn’t matter if it took a midlife crisis to get this moment. The designation that I tarried seven years to hear was finally coming forth, be it in a therapist office. Unfortunately, this was not the time to bask in victory. Morgan was in the midst of being reprogrammed. Once the dry heaves subsided, our counselor continued the session.

“Morgan, if I’m hearing you correctly, you believe that Kenneth and Callie are now in a relationship outside of you?”


“Since your lover never told you Mrs. Bailey, what led you to your current conclusion?”

“I knew that Callie didn’t want to have anything to do with any man, let alone Kenneth! She confided in me that she didn’t know if she would be able to perform with him watching us. She only wanted to make me happy, so eventually, she went along with my proposal. For the most part, she refused to let Kenneth touch her in any way. She would sit off to the side while Kenneth took his turn. It was only recently that she joined in, But in the last month of our meetings, she gave in to him massaging her breasts. The next week, his fingers were inside of her while he was inside of me. The week after that, Callie submitted and Kenneth was stroking her too”

“I see. Was this against the rules?”

“No, but she was on all fours, taking his shaft like she was a pro!”

“Okay, Mrs. Bailey. I’m wondering about this situation. Was this a polyamorous relationship or just someone you would have over for some enhanced sexual gratification?”

“It was a poly”

“Mrs. Bailey, that’s not what I’m hearing. From what was said regarding the rules and listening to how possessive you are of your husband, this extracurricular activity was just for you”

“But it wasn’t just for me! Callie and Kenneth were damn near bosom buddies! They were watching sports together every waking moment! Outside of the sex, Callie didn’t have have time for me anymore! All of her attention was now going to him!”

“Morgan, what is it about Callie that threatens you?”

“Threatens me?”

“Yes, threatens you. From what you told me, you didn’t want Kenneth to be a part of your affair. He was more less a live toy that you could use”

“Wait a minute doc? That’s not fair!”

“Is it? Think about it for a minute Mrs. Bailey. You wanted your husband to sit and watch you have an affair with another woman. He wasn’t permitted to kiss her. He couldn’t have sex with her without you being present. Now I’m not an expert on the polyamorous lifestyle, but I’m pretty sure that one person is not supposed to be benefiting from it”

The good doctor turned towards me.

“Mr. Bailey, would you agree that you had an equal investment in this affair?”

I sat there for a moment and pondered a response.

“No, I did not. Now Morgan is right that Callie and I established a friendship at the beginning when I didn’t know that they were sleeping around. But when the threesome experiment began to take place, Callie and I stopped hanging around each other. It wasn’t the same. I admit, I was excited at first, but the fact that Callie was having an affair with my wife the entire time while she was befriending me? Pretending to be interested in the intricacies of football while pegging my wife? That’s some diabolical shit! I mean, only evil people do that, right?”

Morgan’s light brown skin was beginning to turn the same color as her red, pixie haircut.

“Well aren’t you one to talk, Mister High and Mighty?”

“Morgan, for the thousandth time, I am not cheating on you”

Dr. Hoffman quickly intervened.

“Mrs. Bailey, I’m wondering about what you’ve said. Are you afraid that Kenneth is going to leave you and A.J?”

And just like that, the mood completely changed. With the calmness of a summer breeze, Morgan replied,

“No, doctor. Kenneth would never leave me. That would be too easy. He would make me pay for my transgressions, just like before”

“What do you mean, Mrs. Bailey?”

“I mean that the man sitting across from me is the master manipulator. You probably believe that I’m overthinking things, that I’m losing my mind, but I know my husband”

I leaned back into the couch and crossed my legs. I didn’t respond. I wanted to see how far the little bird would go with this. I was also curious to see how much the good doctor would believe.

“What do you mean when you say just like before?”

“What I mean is that we never did the work the last time we went to counseling. He just guilted me into taking his shit”

I wanted to laugh, but I simply shook my head as if I didn’t understand.

“Mr. Bailey, why is your wife saying that you all didn’t do the work? Why does Morgan believe that you are hurting her intentionally?”

“Dr. Hoffman, believe me when I say that we did the work. She forgave me for losing sight of her and our marriage. I forgave her for sleeping around in every city she visited. Unfortunately, the men that Morgan laid with had to be “convinced” to leave her alone”


“Yes doctor, convinced. To earn back my trust, she provided me with all of the passwords to her emails, social media, and bank accounts. I would occasionally monitor her inboxes. Sure enough, those same misguided suitors were still there, saying that she could start a new life with them”

“And you didn’t find having all that access intrusive, Mr. Bailey?

“No, not at all. I was able to become the strongman of my marriage again. Once those homewreckers saw the sex video I sent personally to their DMs, they finally left me and my wife alone”

“Wow! Well, that’s a different approach”

“Indeed, but we grew stronger from it, right honey? You know how to stay in your place like a good little girl, don’t you?”

Morgan stood up, allowing her black leather pants to breathe. Fire was in her eyes as if she wanted to do me harm. Dr. Hoffman rose to her feet as well.

“Morgan, this is a safe place remember? Let’s work through this”

“But you see how smug he is? He doesn’t want to heal! He only wants me to suffer! That’s why I know he turned Callie against me!”

I could see that Dr. Hoffman was more focused on keeping my significant other calm, but I needed to know how Morgan uncovered my secret.

“Morgan, when did you realize I turned her?”

“When I saw that look in her eyes, I knew that you had control of her. I knew you were going to find a way to turn her against me too! I should have known better than to give in to my flesh! I thought we had finally gotten beyond my infidelity, but you and your fucking ego! You’re never gonna let me leave, no matter how hard I try!”

Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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