The Miseducation of Marcus Moshe, Part III

Oh that’s easy. Divorce Erica and start a real life with Savannah”

Instead of repeating the statement as I had done previously, I sat there and pondered the revelation before giving a response.

“Let me see if I understand this. You want me to legally dissolve my thirteen year marriage to fight for another married woman?”


“That sounds a little insane, Mr. Houston. I mean Erica has her faults, but she’s been faithful to me”

“You believe that?”


“But you’ve cheated on her with Savannah several times throughout your marri . . .”

“Wait a minute. How do you know about my infidelity?”

“Marcus, there’s very little that I don’t know about you. I told you I do my research. Now answer my question. Why aren’t you with the woman you truly deserve?”

“Because she is living her life with someone else”

“Ahhhhh! So you don’t think Dr. Ford would leave ‘ol boy for you?”

“Honestly, I can’t fight in her husband’s weight class”


“He’s a millionaire and frankly, my pockets aren’t that deep. What do I look like asking Savannah to give up her mansion for my two bedroom shack?”

“Ahhhh, now we’re getting to the truth!”

Mr. Houston rubbed his hands together as he came forward on his chair.

“What would you say if I could make that happen for you? That you could have whatever you like regardless of the price?”

“That’s something I’ve always dreamed of, sir”

“Well when you start here tomorrow, you will begin to acquire the financial power to move how you want, when you want, with my permission of course”

“That sounds good and all Mr. Houston, but how do I get Erica to leave amicably? She’s gonna try to take me for everything I got, which ain’t a lot to start with! Even if I come out on top, the lawyer fees alone will have me living out my . . .”

“Mr. Moshe! Why do you have to hunt for the negative in everything?”

“I’m just stating the obvious. Besides, you don’t have a time table to open the new stores and restaurants. I wouldn’t expect you to pay me that salary until the deal is done”

Before my new boss could respond, a husky baritone came over the intercom.

“Mr. Houston, I’m here to take you to your two-thirty appointment”

My benefactor smiled as he rose to his feet.

“C’mon son! We’re going to take a little field trip”

I followed him to the platform which descended quickly to the ground floor. As soon as the doors opened, there was a ginormous man, dressed in all black, standing in front of us.

“Marcus, this is Oz. Oz, this is the young man that I was telling you about, Marcus Moshe”

I reached out to shake his hand, but Oz didn’t return the favor. Instead, the unfriendly protector reached into his bag and handed Mr. Houston an iPad.

“Here is the information that you requested”

Mr. Houston took the device and began to review a video feed of some sort.

“Just like I figured. How much time will it take to get to the warehouse?”

“About twenty minutes, give or take. Ms. C says she has everything set up already”

“Good. Let’s get going. Mr. Moshe needs to see this”

Of course I wanted to say, “I need to see this?”, but I stopped myself from doing so. Instead, I followed the two men to an all black Hummer. The bodyguard held the door open as Mr. Houston and I climbed in. After two minutes into the ride, I asked,

“So where are we going?”

“To one of my warehouses. You’re going to confront Frank Winters”

“Frank, as in my wife’s boss?”

“One in the same, my friend. One in the same”

“But why?”

“What if I told you that your wife was treating you crappy in order to do her dirt in peace?”

“I would say no to that. Yes, Erica is overbearing at times, but she wouldn’t cheat on me”

“Is that so?”


“So where is your wife right now?”

“She said that she was going to hang out with her girls at some new brunch spot”

“Mmmhmmm. So does this look like your wife is having bottomless mimosas?”

When Mr. Houston gave me the tablet, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was my wife, butt ass naked, giving her all to Frank on the dining room table!

“This can’t be real! Can’t be!”

“I know you don’t want it to be Marcus, but it is. I lifted this footage from Frank’s security camera. If you look at the time stamp, you can see that she made it to his house right before your meeting with me”

“I can’t believe this shit! How the fuck could she do this to me?”

I sat there in disbelief trying to make sense of it all as I gave the device back to Mr. Houston. I wanted to cry, but instead I stared at the ceiling.

“Now that you have the proof Marcus, what are you gonna do about it?”

I couldn’t bring myself to answer the question. Instead, I sat back in the seat and pondered over why I allowed people to take advantage of me? I allowed Lewis to punk me. I allowed my father to misguide me. And my low down, dirty wife ! She’s out here giving up the goodies to her Caucassian master, meanwhile she’s saying that I’m the selfish one in our marriage! I felt the blood surging through my veins as the truck suddenly came to a halt.

We hopped out the truck and Mr. Houston led us to a red iron door. After a moment, the door opened. Oz pulled out his weapon and ducked in first, followed by myself, then Mr. Houston who closed the door behind. Ms. Carrington emerged from the shadows and guided us to a room which resembled, a torture chamber! Inside the room, there was Erica, naked, gagged, and tied to a chair.

“What the hell? Erica!”

Erica began to weep slowly as I looked at Frank who was sitting across from her. I thought the ol’ boy was dead the way his head hung down motionless. Ms. Carrington pulled out some papers from her rather large purse and laid them on the table before Erica.

“What are you having her sign?”

“She’s signing your divorce papers. She’s agreeing to leave with what she came into the marriage with. Isn’t that right buttercup?”

Erica shook her head no, but Ms. Carrington grabbed her head and rammed it into the table.

“This is not a request! You sign these divorce papers or you and Frank leave out of my dungeon in a body bag!”

Erica spit some blood from her mouth before giving her attention to me.

“Why are you allowing them to do this to me, Marcus? Baby, I love you! We can work through this!”

I couldn’t bring myself to look at her anymore. She was caught in the act and still wanted me? I was ashamed that I had been unaware the entire time.

“Erica, please sign the papers so that we can go on with our lives”

Erica wept, but still refused to sign. Just then, Mr. Houston pulled a gun from his waist and gave it to me.

“You know what you need to do, Marcus. Remember, her lips were around Frank’s dick willingly”

Before I knew anything, the gun went off! I had never heard Erica squeal so loud! It all happened so fast, but there was no remorse in my body. I saw Frank now lying on the floor, his blood running all over the concrete. Mr. Houston slowly took the gun away from me.

“I thought you were gonna shoot him in the hand, but this works too!”

Mr. Houston then turned the gun on my future ex-wife.

“Mrs. Moshe, please. Sign the papers. I hate to kill people on Sundays”


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