oh clementine pillow

Guess what? I made another pillow! Aren't you shocked?
I started with an oh clementine charm pack from the lovely Alison of Cluck Cluck Sew. Then, I added a healthy dose of scraps from overflowing bins to round things out. (I'm nothing if not predictable, right?) I love the color and fabric combination that I ended up using. I plan to use this as a teaching tool at my upcoming "Make Good Choices" workshop at Modern Textiles on Saturday. See, I HAD to make it! The pillow cover measures about 20" square or so. AND...it's scrap project #89/101.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I started thinking of 10 reasons why I love to make pillows:
1. They are small, so they are a nearly instant gratification project....easy to finish in a day or even in a long afternoon of sewing.

2. They are a good way to play with a fabric line (or fabrics scraps) that you may have, but in a limited amount.

3. They are a good way to play with a technique that is new to you. (I tried a slightly different technique for making half square triangles and I liked it a lot!)

4. They use up scraps of batting. (Who doesn't have plenty of those laying around?)

5. They make good gifts (if you are able to part with them).

6. They are a quick way to freshen up/change up a room.

7. They are good for napping, obviously! (Oh, a nap....now that's a great idea.)

8. The pillow cover itself is much more compact to store than a quilt. (We know that in some households that could be a problem.)

9. The more you make, the better they look as a collection. (Who needs to sit on the couch anyway?)

and my favorite reason of all....

10. It's fun to watch my husband to launch them off the bed every night. (For some reason he doesn't see the need for 13 pillows on the bed?)

This is not my entire throw pillow collection, although it is a large part of it.
They are normally scattered around the house, I just rounded these up for the photo.
My husband doesn't launch pillows off the bed EVERY night, but there is a lot of muttering about why one would need to have so many pillows on the bed.
(We literally have 10 bed size pillows on our bed at this time.)
I MAY have a pillow problem and apparently it's not exclusive to throw pillows.
I don't plan on seeking help for this problem any time soon.
My husband has come to accept it.
For that I am very thankful.
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