Free Pattern for Crochet Summer Bolero - Beginner Crochet Bolero Tips

Hello darlings and welcome to a new blog post long requested on the Facebook Page and via the multitude of messages we receive there.
Boleros are in my humble opinion the most versatile type of cardigan for summer. They have a special touch of romance and a girly girl air that remind us of the times when ladies walked the streets with their hair flowing in the wind looking all pretty for the gentlemen to see and admire.
I am not a particular fan of shrugs which tend to make a regular figure look fuller than it already is, but the regular bolero is my second favorite piece of crochet clothing.
So this being said let’s see how can you crochet a timeless looking bolero that would fit any type of attire.

I confess this was my very first crochet summer bolero. I made it out of regular cotton (medium- not mercerized) using a 3 mm hook.

I like this particular model because of 3 important reasons:
  1. The stitches are easy to make , the model is an easy one .
  2. It is ideal for spring but also sunny summer days
  3. It is easy to fit any figure.

The bolero is worked : the back, two front halves, lacy trim
I found that it is easier to work the lacy trim around the joined finished piece than individually .

Main pattern:
1. Chain the required length ( multiple of 5 3) 2. Ch3,sk3,1dc ch3 1dc (in the same stitch- V stitch),*ch2 sk5, 1dc ch3 1dc (in the same stitch)*…repeat till the end of the will end with 1dc 3. Ch1, 3dc ch2 3dc ( in the 3ch space from the V stitch below),1sc (in the ch2 space between the V stitches)…repeat until the end of the row…you will finish with 1sc in the last stitch.
Repeat 2 and 3 until reaching the underarm decrease.

Underarm decrease and front side opening. The chart is from another model with the same stitches but a bit different ch spaces.
In the row 3 (fan stitch row), slip st to the ch2 space from the fan, ch 5 and start working the V stitch row from the second fan stitch, At the end of the row you will end with 1 trc in the 2ch space of the last fan stitch.
Work the last of the section up starting and ending with only a half of the fan stitch until reaching the shoulder.
In the last row work only 5 fan stitches on each side , sl st for the middle section. Same principle applies for the front and sleeves as shown in the chart.
Count the rows . The number of rows worked after the first decrease for the back section must be equal to the number of rows worked for the sides. Sleeves: After you start the decrease you will have to decrease gradually in every row ( same number of rows) until you are left with only two fan stitches in the last row.
Lacy section:
1. Ch3, 1dc in each ch. 2. Ch3,1dc ch2 sk 2, repeat till the end of the row Repeat 1 and 2 once 3. Ch3 sk3,*3dc in the same stitch,ch3 sk3,1sc*…repeat** till the end of the row. 4. Ch 3, 1sc (in the first 3ch space)ch3,*3dc (on top of the 3dc below),ch3,1sc(in the 3ch space), ch6*…repeat** till the end of the row. Repeat 3 and 4 once 5. Ch3,2ch, 1sc in the 6ch space, *6dc on top of the 3dc,1sc in the 6ch space*…repeat ** till the end of the row.
Repeat the sequence for each of the sleeves.
And…you are pretty much…done. This is one of the simplest boleros out there with a very sophisticated finish the unknowing eye would consider a pro work.
I hope you will like this post and you will share it far and wide so as many crochet beginners will have the chance to try their hands on making this bolero for summer 2015.
Join Crochet Patterns to Try on Facebook , Pinterest and Google and have fun discovering new, fabulous and fashionable crochet designs.
xoxo and see you soon :)
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