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Bedroom Decorating Trends

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. For most people their bedroom is an oasis. Somewhere they go to get away from it all, and truly relax. Therefore, it is unsurprising to learn that redecorating their bedroom on a regular basis is a priority for many homeowners. The decorating styles they choose is always changing, which means that there are always new trends emerging.

Scandinavian chic

During 2016, the Scandinavian look finally reached the bedroom. People started to strip the bold wallpaper from their feature walls, and repaint everything in neutral colours.

Light coloured wood flooring started to make an appearance too. Plain bedding sets in natural fabrics completed the new look.

Given the fact that rooms decorated in this style are surprisingly relaxing, it is likely this trend towards clean, crisp new lines is likely to continue into 2017. Retailers have certainly pushed the Scandinavian look for this year’s winter sales, so they must be expecting consumers to want to continue to decorate their bedrooms in this new minimalist way.

A touch of luxury

Many people are investing far more money than they would normally have spent in revamping their bedrooms. Because they are spending more time in them reading, watching box sets, and working in them, they are investing more money into redecorating these rooms. The TVs that are installed in bedrooms are also getting bigger, which means that they are more expensive.

The colour palette in these luxury bedrooms is still neutral, but there is a lot of pale gold and silver popping up on the walls and bedding. Fluffy rugs are also making a comeback, as are metal bed frames.

Fresh flowers

Homeowners are also opting to bring the outside into their bedrooms as much as possible. Plant stands are selling well, so potted plants and vases of fresh flowers are a feature of many bedrooms. They have a calming effect; add a splash of colour and generate a nice relaxing, natural scent.

Multipurpose bedrooms

We mentioned earlier that people are spending more time in their bedrooms. They are increasingly using it as a space to get away from everyone and everything else, so that they can focus. Often, they opt to work there, which means that more desks are appearing in bedrooms.

Some people are also opting to exercise in their bedroom rather than the living room. They find that they are less likely to be disturbed and distracted. As a result, many people are laying out their bedrooms in a way that leaves enough space to roll out a yoga mat, or pull a fold up weight bench out from under the bed.

Pimped en-suites

Interestingly people are also starting to do more with their en-suites. They are doing things like installing coffee machines in there, so that they can grab their morning cup of coffee as soon as they get out of the shower. Mini refrigerators are also making an appearance, which is all part of the move towards hotel levels of luxury and chic in private bedrooms.

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