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22 Pillow and Throw Combinations for Any Style

Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

If there is one thing that we get asked more than anything it might be, ‘can you help me pick out some pillows for my couch?’ It is universally the thing that people seem to get hung up on most and for very good reason. Mixing patterns, sizes, styles and colors can be tricky and very overwhelming – especially when you need them to all work together with what you already have going on in the room.

Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

But a pillow-less couch is no solution and frankly something that no one is going to want to spend a lot of time lounging on as it just doesn’t feel as inviting as it could. A few pillows and a throw on a couch can instantly bring a pop of color, a tonal play of textures or a fun moment to your room and it is also one of the easiest things to stylistically purchase without regret because “I hate pillows and throws”… said no one ever. Even the most minimal of people will accessorize with a pillow or two and a nice throw on their couch. But it is easier said than done for a lot of people which prevents them from finding the right combo and is the whole reason we are here reading this post in the first place. You see although three pillows may look great together in concept but there are a few rules to mixing and matching pillows to make sure that visually they work together beyond just the colors and styles being a good match.

Photo by David Tsay for EHD

Although we have walked you through the rules of how to mix pillow combinations before on the blog and given you a few suggestions, we have never pulled together a full list of pillow combos complete with a throw that works well with them. So we decided that it was time for us to pull together a few new combos for you. All of these have been stared at, measured to make sure the sizing of the pillows work together and thought through so that you don’t have to do any of the work other than finding one that works well with your overall style and adding it to your cart. So here we go – 22 pillow and throw combinations for your Friday browsing.

1. Throw: Navy Throw & Pillows: Heike, Rook Ivory, Navy Velvet | 2. Throw: Fringed Waffle & Pillows: Otto, Beso, Black Suede | 3. Throw: Mohair in Cream & Pillows: La Nieve, White Linen, Spring in Grey & Black | 4. Throw: Neutral Gray Throw & Pillows: Oversized Textured in Blue, Winter Beach in Grey, Tassel Lumbar in Pink | 5. Throw: Green Throw & Pillows: Bias, Onyx Selam, Pom Pom in Black | 6. Throw: Chenille in Blue & Pillows: Indigo Tile Pattern, Solid Textured in Blue, Leather Lumbar | 7. Throw: Nublado & Pillows: Weaving Mill in Midnight, Peace, Striped Lumbar | 8. Throw: Woven in Natural & Pillows: Cereza, Pieced Corduroy in Burgundy, Faux Fur Round in Rose | 9. Diamanta in Blush & Pillows: Cotton Velvet in Dark Green, Natural Throw Pillow, Gridded Ikat Pillow in Dennis Green | 10. Throw: Chicha & Pillows: Sigrid, Soliel Mud Cloth, Leather Pillow in Pink Sand | 11. Throw: Marlee & Pillows: Chenille Euro in Cream, Reversible Painted Stripe, R Teta | 12. Throw: Super Soft Throw in Cream & Pillows: Blue Velvet, Blue and White Line Pillow, Turquoise Mother Child Pop | 13. Throw: Kaysa in Soft Pink & Pillows: Patterned in Rose, Blush Quilted, Geo in Pink | 14. Throw: Barnaby in Gold & Pillows: Linge in Brick, Petite Triangle, Cactus Silk | 15. Throw: Gauze in Snowflake & Pillows: Laguna in Ocean, Sheepskin in Ivory, Paisley in Cream | 16. Throw: Woven in Black & Pillows: Blakely Plaid, Plaid in Yellow, Lumbar in Hunter Green | 17. Throw: Roped Fringe in Indigo & Pillows: Mandam in Pink, Ferdinand Ticking Stripe, Round Linen in Pink | 18. Throw: Linen Stripe & Pillows: Guida in Coral, Multicolor Fez, Chenille in Midnight Blue | 19. Throw: Ombre in Blue & Pillows: Alice, Linen in Taupe, Herringbone in Navy | 20. Throw: Cotton in Black & Pillows: Ripple, Linen Center Stripes, Toodle in Cream | 21.Throw: Gauze in Cream & Pillows: Carpet in Pink, Silk Fringe in Papaya, Minna Stripe | 22. Throw: Ecru Fringe & Pillows: Arverne Silk, Monks Belt in Slate, Chevron in Off-White

Let us know if you have any questions on any of these or how to combine pillows to make them work in your own home. Which ones are your favorite combos from the list?

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