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A Romantic Glam Bedroom Makeover With Opalhouse By Target

That’s the look of a girl who is living out an inner ‘Victorian Glam’ fantasy – this bedroom. When Target first told me about their upcoming ‘eclectic and bohemian’ line, I remember thinking ‘how exactly does a major retailer do eclectic?’ Eclectic usually means vintage or globally inspired. But with faith in the design team, I was obviously excited to see what they could cook up. (I’ve met the team personally and these are people who are FAR more stylish than the coolest person I know in LA…I’m not joking. They’ve long been wearing brands I’ve only just now discovered and reference artists and architects that I’ve never heard of but respond with a cool but not too cool head nod.)

They traveled to France, Portugal and Spain all to gather inspiration and a year later it launched and MY GOODNESS it is full of wonder. It’s almost overwhelming in its breadth of styles (everything from Southwest boho to, well, this room). As someone who is style polyamorous, I was like a newly single person on Tinder, mentally swiping right on SO MUCH. At the first press showing that I hosted, I was like ‘ooh that, and oh look at that’ and ‘I need that, also can I have that?’ To showcase the collection, I wanted to create a bedroom where we could highlight my favorite pieces, but true to my style I couldn’t decide on what those were. I also have a doctorate degree in ‘how to make your life more complicated despite an easy ask.’ Essentially as I was shopping, I had the brilliant idea that we should do TWO rooms – this collection deserves that much, at least. This would be better, more fun and almost easier than deciding on what I love.

So for today’s Opalhouse bedroom, I give you ‘Victorian Glam.’ You might be confused, thinking that I’m in a minimalist zone as I design the mountain house, but trust me that I gasped when I saw this wallpaper pattern.

It’s not for everyone. I realize this. But its perfect combination of green and pink (with a dash of parrot) speaks to me. It’s so happy and references vintage in a way that feels fresh.

The wallpaper is removable. You might be asking ‘how removable and how easy is it to install?’, so here are my thoughts:

  1. You have to be patient and take your time. It’s ‘easy’ in theory but since it’s a pattern, you have to match it and that can take time and patience. This is not something you want to slap up between bingeing episodes of “Younger”.
  2. Start from the middle of the focal point and work out. The further away from the starting point, the more imperfections with pattern matching you will have.
  3. If you have recently painted or patched your walls, then I’d definitely recommend waiting a few months. We applied this removable wallpaper in two rooms of my friends’ house (which had just been staged and the walls had been patched). In this room, the paper was removed perfectly with no problems but in the other room, it grabbed the patched paint where the previous owners had recently applied. Basically what I’m saying is if you are planning on removing the paper in the foreseeable future, then don’t apply it on a wall that has a lot of different paint applications. If you are in your home for the long haul, it doesn’t really matter or if your paint has been applied for months then you are fine. If you recently patched and painted a hole for a nail or screw, know that an adhesive like this might take it off if it’s not fully set. It also wasn’t a big deal – we patched and painted where the paper stripped the wall.
  4. The more ornate the paper, the easier it is to apply. This shouldn’t affect your decision but it’s good to know that detail-heavy paper hides imperfections whereas a simpler pattern shows more.

Okay, let’s chat bedding. One of the highlights of the Opalhouse collection is the bedding. It’s extraordinarily wonderful. The soft fabric is eatable, and the colors are perfectly on trend – not to mention the filling is soft and extremely maleable. It’s not a pillow that is stiff and solid.

I wanted that lumbar pillow so badly when I first held it because of how soft it is. It’s the right scale for the ‘one long pillow‘ idea and yet it looks high end despite being affordable.

It’s so cushy and mushy…in such a good way. It’s like having 4″ carpet on your floor – you shouldn’t sleep on it but you could.

The brass and leather of this headboard is amazing – the perfect solid and more masculine contrast to the floral paper. You hang it on the wall and it looks really luxe while being about $200.

We created a seating area in the corner with a chair and ottoman. It swivels. It’s oversized and comfortable. It’s the perfect ‘Art Deco’ vibe without a lot of detail which works so well with our ornate wallpaper. A really elaborate chair would have competed with the paper. This chair gives your eye (and bum) a rest.

The nightstands are a good solid and simple respite from the swankier paper, but with enough detail to still reference the vintage vibe.

The Opalhouse collection offers a lot of lamps but they were all pretty decorative and intricate so we chose to do the standing lamp and a vase of totally unrealistic flowers instead. I’d typically use a simpler and more streamlined lamp with that paper but I wanted to include this vase which is amazing, so it balanced out the floor lamp.

The whole room is a fantasy and everyone who walked in or saw it freaked out. That paper really became THE important design element, but if it hadn’t been there, the furniture would have looked great on a painted wall. I feel so lucky that I get to live out my style fantasies while creating these looks. I kept telling my team ‘I want to be this person who has this room’ and they would reply ‘you can and you kinda do.’

1. Wallpaper | 2. Headboard | 3. Duvet | 4. Velvet Quilt | 5. Velvet Sham | 6. Lumbar Pillow | 7. Vase | 8. Nightstand | 9. Rug | 10. Peach Accent Pillow | 11. Floor Lamp | 12. Round Floor Pillow | 13. Bone Scalloped Frame | 14. Brass Lidded Candle | 15. Peach Frame | 16. Ottoman | 17. Swivel Barrel Chair

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