Cara Hagerty Carroll

Celebrating Mistakes

Have y'all ever read this precious book???

It's all about a little girl named Beatrice who is a perfectionist in every sense of the word. She was known as the girl who never made mistakes....until one day she did :)
I absolutely ADORE this story for SO many reasons.
Kids can be SO scared to make mistakes. Whether they come from a home where mistakes aren't embraced or they're just natural born perfectionists, they're {sometimes} terrified to make them. I started reading this book at the beginning of the year to teach my kids that mistakes are OKAY! I want my kids to know that I make mistakes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and I want them to feel like they can make mistakes too. NO ONE is perfect and I want them to feel safe in knowing that I will show them grace when mistakes are made.
So...we start by reading the story and talking about Beatrice at the beginning of the of the story vs. Beatrice at the end. Then I introduce them to "Miss Take".

I pull out this empty anchor chart with Miss Take's picture on it and tell them a {very dramatic} story about her. I tell them that Miss Take was a teacher I used to teach with and then tell them funny stories about all the silly things she did...all the mistakes she made. Then we talk about all the mistakes and add those to Miss Take's anchor chart. When we finish talking about all the mistakes, I tell them that Miss Take is really ME!!! They laugh and think this is such a hoot! I've done ALL those crazy, silly things, but I'm still teaching and loving it every single day.
Just because I make mistakes doesn't make me a terrible teacher {at least, I hope it doesn't!!!!}. As long as we try and give everything our best, we're doing the right thing...even if we make a lot of mistake in the process! We spend the rest of the year celebrating our mistakes...laughing about them...learning from them. At the very beginning of the year, they're real quick to call out every.single.mistake I make. That goes away after a bit, but as long as they're not afraid to make mistakes themselves, then I'm a-okay with it!
How do you set the stage for a "risk-free" environment in your classroom?
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