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I've been putting together the finishing touches on what I've jokingly started to call my "pre-fall line" this week. If you're just tuning in: I'm attempting a seasonal capsule wardrobe, inspired by this cute girl and her blog that I'm sort of addicted to. I'm allowing myself unlimited undies socks bras (not that I need any bras), but I'll be limiting my wardrobe to 40 items or fewer for the duration of a season. I'm thinking of limiting my accessories as well, to "things I never have to take off," as a further, stupider experiment.)

When I was planning and pulling things together at first, I thought I'd give myself a generous 45 item allowance, thinking that straddling the two seasons might require a bit more leeway with things. But then my inner Hermione Granger kicked in and I decided I was going to make it to 40 or fewer straight legit style, hell be damned and all those things. Incredibly high achiever right here. Actually, planning and refining this was a lot of fun. While Huck ran around the playground I'd sit bent over my iPhone, tapping in potential capsule items and pondering combinations and searching my soul for its deepest feelings on junk. It was great.

I'm considering this terribly fantastic and transitional time of year to be a practice run of sorts. I know what I want to be wearing but I'm curious to see what all I'll actually be wearing. Once fall really kicks in--what are we thinking, September 21? I guess?--I'll switch over to the full Fall Capsule, which I'll post about then. (Fall Capsules should be in effect until... December 21 I suppose? What are the rules here? Do we get global warming allowances?)

**Edited to add: I should clarify that this is it, and come September 21, I'll be swapping just the obvious summer pieces (sandals, shorts, tanks) for a few colder weather counterparts (sweaters, boots, jeans). Otherwise, all things considering, this is it until December. Since Caroline lives in Texas (where there isn't, like, snow storms all that often), I have yet to figure out how winter coats will factor into this. So far I'm budgeting for three jacket options come 9/21... not sure yet how that'll work. Guess it depends on the weather this fall!? Also, I'm not including handbags in the 40--just because I tend to use one at a time for a very long time and don't usually switch them much--same with umbrellas, rain boots, snow shoes.... I guess I could count those, though? What would you do?**

So here is the line up! I'll link where I can (watch out for rogue affiliate links!) and I'm sorry but I might just fill you in on all of my deepest theories feelings behind my choices. Scroll fingers at the ready? Now!

Because no capsule collection of mine can be complete without a stripe of every variance.

ONE / St. James tee from J.Crew

TWO / Isabel Marant linen tee
This was birthday present to myself, from myself, that gave me such a stomach ache slsash huge adrenaline rush, and thankfully it's gotten a ton of wear, so already my cost-per-wear is almost? sort of reasonable?

THREE / Forever 21 dolman batwing sleeve top.
I bought this number six years ago (speaking of cost-per-wear) but the one linked seems almost identical.

FOUR / Skargorn for Madewell boxy short sleeve tee
No longer available but these two are similar. I'll be subbing this one out once the weather gets cold. I want this instead, but that is ridiculous of me. This is just as cute, and way cheaper.

Surprisingly I've limited myself to four. (One is in the laundry right now.)

FIVE / Silky white tee c/o Need Supply Co.
Sold out but this is similar (and on sale!)

SIX / Forever 21 tee, one of my favorites ever, I own at least five.
You should know that the entire Forever 21 Basics collection is straight up bonkers, nothing short of perfection, you will find everything there you ever needed.

SEVEN / Zara tank from earlier this summer

EIGHT / Forever 21 embroidered top, 3 years ago
Not pictured--wash day!


NINE / Forever 21 baseball tee
Mine is millions of years old, but probably this same one?

TEN / Skargorn muscle tee
I also have one in white, not included here for some reason.

ELEVEN / Alexander Wang gray tee

TWELVE / The token "rock" shirt
Barely edged out my vintage 1982 Billy Joel concert tee.


THIRTEEN / Chambray... Mily Cyrus for Walmart, y'all, circa 2005

FOURTEEN / Madewell olive work shirt

FIFTEEN / Isabel Marant Flannel
Similar far more reasonable here!


SIXTEEN / c/o Cardigan New York

SEVENTEEN / American Apparel


EIGHTEEN / H&M Jumpsuit

NINETEEN / Forever 21 pale pink dress
Sold out, but these might scratch your itch: here, here, here.


TWENTY / Madewell black silk skirt

TWENTY-ONE / Madewell striped pencil skirt


Eight years running on this same pair!

TWENTY-FOUR / Clogs c/o Nina Z

TWENTY-FIVE / "Outside Sweats" I'm calling them, c/o Camp Collection

TWENTY-SIX / Rag & Bone Skinnies (via eBay!)

TWENTY-SEVEN / Boy zip jeans c/o Objects Without Meaning
Here too, in white.

TWENTY-EIGHT / Zara distressed shorts

TWENTY-NINE / Zara distressed (probably-too-short) shorts

THIRTY / Madewell high waisted jeans
Sold out, these are similar.

THIRTY-ONE / H by Hudson boots

THIRTY-TWO / Bensimons


THIRTY-FOUR / Madewell peeptoe booties
Size down!

THIRTY - FIVE / Madewell stacked clogs (old old old)

THIRTY-SIX / Black felt hat

THIRTY-SEVEN / Yankees cap from a dude on the street ($5!)

THIRTY-EIGHT / Panama hat from a dude on the street ($5!)

(Not pictured: THIRTY NINE / Another Skargorn tank, in white. And something else, I'm sure I'll remember eventually?)

Wow are you still with me? Geez. So, I want to see yours, too. If you're pulling one together, will you let me know? Link up in the comments, or let me know through Instagram or Twitter. This has been really fun so far! Though the choosing part has been oddly stressful, haha, the dressing part has been way more fun than normal. I'm loving this so far.

More on this topic soon-ish, if you don't mind too much. :)
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